How to get pink lips naturally?


There are some home remedies so simple that you can apply color to pink petal lips become natural again.

How to get pink lips naturallyWhy your dark lips?

Natural pink lips you can be lost and replaced by medium deep black color or dark color because you have been smoking too much or use too many drinks of alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee.

Besides, if excessive use of cosmetics such as lipstick can make lips darker. Also, if exposed to the harsh sun’s rays can also cause excessive environmental lead to a similar situation.

1. Remove dead skin cells on your lips

You should remove the dead skin cells on your lips frequently to remove particles of dirt, oily buildup on the lips. You may gently rinse with cold water environment every night before bed. Or you can also wash your lips gently with  cold rose water is so your lips soft and rosy.

To exfoliate the lips, you can use a clean toothbrush with soft bristles and pans on your lips 2 times / week.

2. Massage lips with turmeric powder and cold milk

There is a treatment for dark lips are a little turmeric powder mixed with 1 teaspoon cold milk. Then massage your lips with this mixture daily for 5 minutes. This will make natural pink lips and more flexible.

3. Apply honey before bed

One of the most popular solution you can do to deep coral lips turned into a pretty pink lips apply it with a little honey every night before bed. This will help nourish the skin cells from lips to lips and bright, more natural.

4. Apply almond oil + lemon juice

You can mix a teaspoon of almond oil with lemon juice and apply this mixture on your lips every day. Then let them dry and clean your lips with cold water helps nourish lips softer and cleaner.

How to get pink lips naturally5. Rub lip with lemon and sugar 

You can also add a little sugar mixed with a thin slice of lemon and rub them on your lips gently. We will help remove dead skin cells on the lips to help lip smoother and prettier than pink.

After rubbing lemon juice on the lips, you wait a few minutes until dry lips and then use a moisturizer for your lips instantly.

6. Rub beets on lips

Before going to bed, you should rub beet juice directly on your lips. This is very good measures to help overcome the deep lips become pink petal lips because they are seen as a natural dye colors.

You can measure sugar beet rub lips for about 3 times / week and scrub for at least 5 minutes to get pink lips. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after apply.

7. Mix tomato powder and fresh cream

You can mix some tomato powder and cream to form a soft paste. Then rub them on your lips just help cleanse, moisturize and strengthen pink lips.


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