9 tips help you choose the right perfume


Buying perfume is like choosing clothes, also on different occasions, different seasons, different moods to choose. Do you know how to save time and still choose the bottle like that yet?

9 tips help you choose the right perfumeRead 9 suggestions bellow to choose a perfume bottle is best for you:

1. Please list the scents you like (apples, oranges, pears, roses …) to focus on the perfume with a scent suitable.

2. Buy perfume in the morning, at which your sense of smell is sensitive, mental clarity, the time of selecting the most suitable perfume. Avoid buying food that perfume before the meal that should be selected after the meal . Also, you should choose perfume pre-menstrual days, while the smell of you will most sensitive, to help you choose the floral scent is best for your body.

3. Wear your favorite style right to buy perfume, so sellers can help you choose a perfume bottle with precision your fashion style.

4. Before you buy perfume, do not use cosmetics or perfume, it will affect your sense of smell.

5. Prepare a small handkerchief or a small gauze cloth to try perfume. You may not need to buy per9 tips help you choose the right perfumefume bottle that can spray a little perfume on tissue samples, take home and check out the first fragrance to scent the end there really is your favorite flavor and back the shop the next morning if you feel good.

6. Do not try too much perfume, your nose can only smell the scent exactly 5 first, and a trial period not exceeding 3 minutes.

7. Choose genuine fragrances and prestige, although expensive, but high concentration quintessence, so stick to smell very long and not wasting as the form of dishonest perfume.

8. Ignore the bottle form. You can enjoy the scent in a bottle is nothing special, not to smartly design bottle to cheat you.

9. Based on your own feelings. Only you know exactly what is needed most is a scent I like, the opinions of friends or salesperson only reference .


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