9 Ways to Prep Your Body and Skin for Summer


Well, the summer is coming and that is a fact. Instead of waiting for another couple of months, start working on the beach-confidence now. It will get some stress off the approaching season and people reminding you that it is almost there. The timely regiment, believe us, is much easier than the quick fix-up at the beginning of the season.

1. A healthy diet

Everything starts with a healthy diet. It will help you achieve the look you desire and improve your health. A nutritionist, Brynn Jinnett, recommends eating the majority of your daily food intake before 3 pm. According to him, it boosts weight-loss. Reduce the intake of sugar and trans fats. Eat lean meat and green vegetables. Fruit should also be included, a variety but in small quantities. A kilo of bananas will not get you anywhere.

There are certain foods particularly good for the purpose. For example, small quantities of chili pepper can speed up your metabolism. You can use it in one of your favorite snacks. However, instead of eating a chilly salsa and chips, choose to dip crunchy vegetables to avoid chips. For skin, hair, and nails, eat foods which contain essential fatty acids, such as eggs, almonds, spinach, broccoli, whole grains etc. Tomato will provide natural UV protection.

Skin Care Tips For Party Season2. What to drink?

Start with water. A sufficient water intake will hydrate all cells in your body and improve your overall health. You will stay energized, think clearly and have glowing skin. If you are used to sipping coffee early in the morning, swap it with green or ginger tea with a bit of lemon. To make your regiment more interesting and less strict, drink vodka, that is, if you drink alcohol. A single margarita has 500 calories, while a shot of vodka mixed with a bit of freshly squeezed citrus juice has only about 100.

3. The workout

With a healthy diet, your body will start losing weight. You can help it out by adding exercises. Start jogging or brisk walking for mild cardio. It will put your entire body to work. Assist it with some toning exercises, spiced up with some light weights, strength exercises and stretching. Find a fun group workout to get you excited about the summer and give you more zeal. They are perfect for those who generally do not like exercising. Zumba may be just a thing as you get to be very active while dancing to great tunes and summer hits.

The easy way out, finally!

Some women spend years trying to get rid of the same couple of pounds from their belly or their thighs. Wasting a lot of energy on exercises which do not seem to target your persistent pregnancy pouch well enough is very frustrating. If you want to take the ultimate step and finally get rid of it, now is the right time to undergo cosmetic surgery.

4. Uncover the legs

Winter clothes can get you through a lot. There are certain things you do not have to do as frequently as you do in the summer. Removing body hair is one of them. Choose your weapon, the warm advice is to go for more permanent solutions such as waxing or even laser hair removal. Laser removal requires a few treatments and you have to let go in between two treatments. When it comes to waxing, the more you do it, the weaker the hairs are. By summer you will not have to do it that often and the thin hairs will quickly become lighter in the sun.

5. Treat your feet

There are so many points to cover as summer tends to uncover a lot. Your feet are one of them. Schedule to visit your pedicure. After a professional treatment, all you will be left with is maintenance work. Make sure you do it regularly though, otherwise it is back to the salon for you.

6. Exfoliate

To make your skin glow without using body glitter, you need to help it look fresh. Get all of the dead skin off by exfoliating regularly when you shower. It will help young skin spruce up. Use a natural scrub, you can even mix up a home-made one. Once you are done exfoliating, do not forget to use a moisturizer for your face and your body.

7. Clean the skin

Needless to say, if you have oily or otherwise problematic skin, use a cleanser. There are also products available which dry out targeted spots. You can use them if you have mixed skin type and an occasional pimple. You can also use Povidoneiodine used for skin disinfection and wounds treatment to dry out the pimples at it is an antiseptic. Just dab some on and leave it overnight. Be ready to scrub in the morning as it may leave a bit of a yellowish stain. Furthermore, a thing which feels really good, is steaming. Steam your skin once a week to open up pores. Meddling with your acne and red spots will only make the matters worse. Instead, steam, cleanse and moisturize for best effect.

8. Treat the cellulite

Pretty much everything stated above will help you get rid of cellulite. You will get the toxins out of your system and improve circulation. The point is in dehydrating fat cells which can be done by using products with caffeine and theophylline. The treatment takes time, but that is exactly why you are starting early. Look for recommendations for a place which provides anti-cellulite massage. Combine the massage with the cellulite product of your choice for best long-term results. If you still have some dimples after this treatment, you can use filler injections to lift up the skin.

9. Stay safe

One of the biggest health risks often caused by the summer sun is melanoma, that is skin cancer. This is why you need to use proper sunscreen and remember to reapply it after the number of minutes equivalent to its factor of protection. Wear long sleeves if you plan on spending a lot of time in the sun. As this is not available to you on a beach, look for shade. If you have a lot of moles and spots, have them checked out and remove any moles that may seem problematic. Do it now, a couple of months before a proper exposure to the sun.

Getting ready for the summer can be exhausting, but not as much when you start on time. The fact that you are doing it now, leaves you with less work during the hot months. The season is definitely worth it and has its ways of rewarding you for the effort.


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