A Beginner’s Guide on How to Lose Weight at the Gym


If losing weight was as easy as gaining it then we’d all be rocking some picture perfect bodies. Unfortunately, this isn’t so. It comes on pretty quick and takes its time going away. If you are serious about losing an inch or 30 all around the body then you may want to frequent the gym and make it a lifestyle. Doing it right is essential if you are actually going to achieve noticeable results. In this case, there are 3 steps to help you lose weight at the gym.

1. Master Your Sleep Routine

Master Your Sleep RoutineWeight loss demands discipline and consistency. Going to the gym isn’t enough to get you where you want to be in terms of weight loss. The basics of weight loss include; adequate rest, proper nutrition, and relevant exercise. It is recommended that you sleep for at least 7 hours every night and teach yourself to sleep and wake up at specific times every day.

2. Food and Portion Control

Food is addictive. The more you eat the bigger your tummy grows. A proper diet is essential when it comes to effectively losing weight at the gym. You will need to cut down on carbs and increase the intake of proteins, water intake plus fresh fruits and vegetables. Other food groups that will aid your workouts are whole grains, low-fat dairy products.

Food and Portion Control

It is important to note that skipping meals is a definite No-No. It will only derail your progress and render your gym efforts fruitless. You need the energy to keep up with your workouts. In fact, you need to increase your meals intervals up to six meals each day. These effectively decrease hunger pangs. This also sends signals to your mind that it doesn’t have to store cholesterol for survival so you get to burn a lot of it at the gym and your metabolism increases as well.

3. Exercise – The Best Work Outs at The Gym

(a) Elliptical

This is the kind of exercise that will effectively burn body fat and calories hence actual weight loss. You can start your cardio off on the elliptical bike. Sit while facing the equipment, put your hands on the handlebars, your feet at the pedals and set the quick start button then start peddling. Start off at a low speed for about 5 minutes for warm up. Increase the intensity to a higher speed for 20 minutes then lower it again and paddle for 5 minutes as you cool down and conclude the workout.

(b) Squats

squat - A Beginner’s Guide on How to Lose Weight at the GymIn order to build lean muscle, you will need to dedicate yourself to regular strength training. The more lean muscle you build, the faster your metabolism hence quick weight loss. Squats are highly effective in this case and it targets multiple muscles; gluts, lower back, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Basic squats can be performed without barbells. However, if you need to increase the intensity, you can introduce barbells/ dumbells. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbells behind your neck, inhale and lower your torso until your knees get to a 90 degrees angle. Ensure that your knees do not go beyond your toes, though. Finally, exhale and lift yourself up to the starting position.

(c) Bench Press

Bench Press
This is a strength training exercise that engages your pecs, triceps, and shoulders. Lay on a bench with your back flat on the bench. Keep your feet flat on the ground for stability. With your hands shoulder width apart, lift the barbell and position it directly above your chest. Lower the weight until it gently touches your chest then lift it back up to the starting position.

(d) Wide Grip Pull Up

Wide Grip Pull Up
This is a highly effective workout that engages the middle back, biceps and the latissimus dorsi. Stand under a pull-up bar and grab on to it with the palms of your hands faced towards you. Ensure that your hands are shoulder width apart. Take a deep breath and lift yourself up til your chest gently taps the bar. Hold for a few seconds then exhale and lower yourself back down. If this proves to be too challenging, go for an assisted wide grip pull up machine.

(e) Biking

Any form of biking qualifies as an effective strength training exercise for your core. For this particular exercise, you will need to lay back on the floor and tuck your hands under your head. Raise the left leg and bring the right elbow up to meet the knee above your chest then alternate. Ensure that you breathe in and out while performing this exercise.

Biking for lose weightLosing weight at the gym is all about food and portion control paired up with some effective exercise. Seek the help of a professional fitness instructor for proper guidance. In the quest of burning more body fat and increasing muscle development, you may use a thermogenic fat burner.


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