There is no way to withstand the ravages of time with beauty, and even if you are very hard to use anti-aging products, harmful habits is likely to kill your youth.  Let’s learn the habits cause of aging in women.

1. Overeating

Anti-aging from the routine

If you eat too many foods, including fruits and vegetables can also affect your body negatively. Overeating does not just affect your waistline, but also the development of early signs of heart disease or diabetes type 2. What’s worse, eating too much can cause damage to your stomach, reduce life expectancy and cause anxiety, leading to rapid aging. Let’s cut the calories and fat from your diet and ensure that you are chewing your food slowly to get you full longer, reducing the ability to overeat.

2. Concentrate on looking at the screen too long

Anti-aging from the routine

Whether you’re watching TV, playing video games or surfing the Internet, staring at the electronic screen for too long will prevent you from aging quickly. They will affect your vision because you’ll have to squint a lot when looking at the screen, your waist will be a crisis because prolonged sitting is not burning calories, and the brain will be delayed, the cause major cause of anti-aging. Cut the time sitting in front of electronic screens and you will feel an immediate difference in your body and your mind.

3. Stress

Anti-aging from the routine
Stress is the immediate cause of aging, is also the most negative impact on all aspects of the health of the body, from cardiovascular health to fatigue and sluggishness of the brain. You should be aware of their stress and figure out how to solve immediately or avoid stressful situations. You need to learn how to say no, because most of the stress comes from your inability to balance everything you embrace in the life, such as emotional problems, work, hobbies, … Unless you can do everything with the best mood, if not please say no to all the headaches and make you more free time for relaxing anti-aging.

4. Disappointed about the sex life

Anti-aging from the routine
Recent research shows that if you have a healthy sex life and dynamism will be a key factor in maintaining your youthfulness. Not only will you reduce stress, chemicals in your body after it reaches a “orgasm” will enhance your immune system, relieve pain improve cardiovascular health. Those who despair about the sex life will cause severe stress and fatigue than.


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