Which Ayurvedic & Yogic Practices Can Help in Infertility?


When people think of yoga or Ayurvedic practices, they think about a method for losing or maintaining weight or improving agility. But did you know it can improve on the fertility department too, especially when you are trying to get pregnant?

Read on to find out how Ayurvedic and yogic practices can prepare you and your body for pregnancy.


Understanding Infertility

Infertility may mean the incapability of women to conceive after a year of sexual union without contraceptives or difficulty to retain the fetus until childbirth. If you have conceived once and carried a full term pregnancy but has difficulty in conceiving again, that is considered as infertility too – and please note that it’s not always the woman’s fault.

It may be due to various reasons – abnormalities in the male partners, non-production or low quality of sperms, immunological reasons, genes, the egg is not released on time for fertilization, failure in fertilization, implantation failure, the transport of zygote is disturbed or the sperm was not able to reach the egg among many others.

Whatever the reasons may be, infertility can affect the social and emotional life of the couple.

Ayurveda and Infertility

Ayurveda is a science of wellness that aims at the general health and wellness of everyone in all spheres, including getting pregnant. In fact, Ayurveda has developed a special branch especially for that called Vajeekarana which means horse.

According to Ayurveda, conception is about having a healthy sperm, ovum and uterus. At the same time, reproductive health of both man and woman also depends on the health of Shukra Dhathu or reproductive tissue. The tissues responsible for reproduction depends on the health of other tissues in the body since it is part of the metabolic transformation that starts from digestion of food and transforming it into fluids, blood, muscle, fat, bone marrow and finally, the Shukra tissue.

Aside from this, Ayurvedic infertility treatments include herbal remedies such as Indian gooseberry, rosewater and Manjistha or a root extract that purifies the blood, or relaxation techniques that increases circulation and increases one’s sexual prowess and potency. Ayurvedic fertility treatments also focus on proper nutrition plans in order to enhance one’s fertility by eating more organic fruits, nuts, seeds and dairy proteins.

Yoga for Infertility


There are many types of yoga plus a countless yoga poses you can do to strengthen your body and regain balance. However, there is one type of yoga that focuses on strengthening your reproductive system – fertility yoga.

It is a specific branch of yoga wherein certain poses are focused on helping with infertility by opening up the pelvis and hip joints, increasing the blood flow to pelvis, rebalancing the hormones and stimulating the ovaries. In other words, fertility yoga has a positive effect on your reproductive health because it re-balances your reproductive system and helps improve your chances of conception.

Some of the benefits of fertility yoga include:

• Supports and resets your endocrine system to help balance your hormones.
• Clears adhesions and blockages in the reproductive area.
• Increases circulation in the reproductive system.
• Supports a healthy immune system.
• Brings peace and vitality as you go on your conception journey.
• Creates an environment of clarity.
• Reduces stress levels, which increases your chance of getting pregnant.

You may buy Synarel to switch of the pituitary gland’s control of ovulation. However, trying Ayurvedic and yoga practices to improve your fertility may also help in increasing your chances of conception. However, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about the best methods to improve your chances of getting pregnant. Don’t forget positivity too.


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