These beautiful hair color for winter


In winter, water less often bright skin, pale and dull, that’s why experts recommend hairstylist change hair color to improve the situation . The bright color such as red or yellow would have the effect of more white and pink .

1 . Blonde hair 

These beautiful hair color for winter

One of the new ideas for colors like yellow is blond hair. By highlighting some dark curls, golden hair will bring a very different color . This is the choice for those who love the soft style , naturally . When dyeing , you should click on some curls with lighter tones to face more prominent .

Sometimes you go to a party , you should use contact lenses blue or green to match the color of the hair . Please select blond hair in the winter if you have white skin .

2 . Reddish-brown color

These beautiful hair color for winter

If you want to dye my hair darker , try brown color . Stylish elegance , color and new religion are the advantages of reddish hair. This color requires the right combination of clothing looks good on young and fresh. In winter, the little red light on the skin and hair than pink , do the opposite and have a warm feeling .

3 . Golden Brown

These beautiful hair color for winter

If you have naturally brown hair, try a little bit of gold to make new hair looks in the winter . Auburn hair suit most women because it is young and Asian skin with water .

4 . Ruby red

These beautiful hair color for winter

This is the choice for those who have strong personalities , and ventured bravely . Ruby red color makes you stand out , ruddy skin in winter . Choose this color to dye if you own white skin and hazel eyes . So long hair , silky waves to increase effects to hair color .

5 . Mahogany rebellion

These beautiful hair color for winter

When switching from blonde to brown modern glamor , you can choose mahogany personality . Dark of wood color will contrast with your skin , making the face brighter . This is the perfect choice if you have medium skin tone and brown eyes .

6 . Color raisins

These beautiful hair color for winter

This is amazing shades cardboard ” stand between ” red and purple , a great choice for winter . You will add mysterious themselves if their hair colored raisins. You can see some solution for hair in

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