Woman around the world have desire to look flawless and beautiful. People think looking good and updated requires a lot of efforts.  But that is not a rocket science. You can adopt follow some simple tips and tricks to attain beauty. Therefore, we have compiled a list of few easy and simple beauty hacks for beauty freaks out there.

1. Combination Eyeliner

Want your eyeliner on fleek? If your answer is yes, let me provide you with a simple tip that can help you achieve perfect eyeliner. Always use high pigmented liners for a sharp look, gel liners are most pigmented ones but if you do not have a gel liner. The alternative is to introduce your pencil liner to flame for few seconds, let it cool and apply. In this way, you will have deep, enriched eyeliner. After this you can also use sharp and shiny liquid eyeliner to shape your cat eye. Perfect!

2. Primer is the key

Do not want your makeup to melt or get oily then never skip using a primer before applying your foundation. It does not only provide a base to your foundation but the main function of the primer is to minimize fine lines and pores. The minimization of pores results in the decreased release of sebum and oil that helps in increasing longevity of your makeup.

3. Perfect Lips

The first tip for achieving perfect lips, the first and foremost thing is to scrub your lips before you apply any lip color to treat your flaky and chapped lips. The next step is to apply primer before wearing your lipstick. If you do not have lip primer you can use the white liner as well. Applying white liner on your lips will provide a base to your lip color and make the color pop-out. Another tip to get that perfect lip is to draw cross under your cupids if you are not applying lip liner. This will serve as an indicator where to apply lipstick.

10 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Must Know4. Bake it

Baking makeup is no more a new or unique technique in the world of makeup but there are many women that do not bake their make. Well concealer and translucent powder is used to bake the makeup. Baking your makeup means you let the makeup set in your skin by letting it melt down with body temperature. This will lead to achieving flawless makeup look. The trick is to apply your concealer and translucent powder under your eyes and wherever you want. Let it set meanwhile do your eyebrows and eye makeup. After few minutes, dust the excess translucent powder with a blush brush. Apply your makeup as you do and sprit makeup setting spray at the end.

5. Exfoliation

Our skin cells live for 28 days only. The dead skin cells make our skin look rough and flaky. Therefore, there is a need for exfoliating your skin. There are various benefits of exfoliation, it removes dead skin cells and bring new skin to the surface. Exfoliation also minimizes pores that help in avoiding pimples and acne problems. Exfoliation also increases blood circulation that will make you skin look youthful.

10 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Must KnowTip: You can make your own exfoliator by using grounded oats and chickpea powder by mixing them with a base of yogurt or honey.

6. Serum

Moisturizing is important to your skin so as cleansing. While the moisturizers work on the outer layer of your skin serum works on the inner layer of your skin. So the serum is more concentrated and corrective for any signs of dryness or aging. Try to apply the serum before applying moisturizer to your skin it will help your skin stay moisturized for a longer time, make it soft and glowing. Moisturizers with vitamin C and D are best for your skin. They are a different kind of serums available in the market for anti-darkness, anti-sports and anti-aging. Therefore, there is need for one to invest in serums.

7. Frizzy Hairs

Frizzy hairs is the result of dry and dehydrated I have tried many tricks and come up with these easy tips to tame frizzy hairs. To avoid frizzy hair plump in all the moisture you can. Use a mild shampoo and hair conditioner. Do not dry your hair vigorously instead tap it down gently with a towel. Try to comb your hair with a wide tooth comb and when your hairs are wet because combing dry hair creates friction which results in more fizziness. Last But not the least, home remedy for frizzy hair is to apply a mixture of coconut milk, few drops of almond oil and a spoon of honey apply it for 20 minutes and rinse.

8. Switch to waterproof mascara

By using regular mascara you are not always in the safe zone. The humid air, wet eyes or sweat can make regular mascara meltdown and who wants to that to happen? Waterproof and smudge proof mascara can save your life. Keep your lashes long, fuller and charismatic without worrying about smudges.

10 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Must Know9. DIY Milk Mask

Raw milk is a multipurpose natural product which is not only good for our bones but it also contains vitamin A, D, B-12, biotin and B6 which is good for our skin and hair. If you suffer from acne issue this milk DIY mask id for you. Mix milk, mashed tomatoes and a pinch of baking soda. Apply it to your face for 30 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. Apply this mask twice a week and you can see results within a week.

10. Wash Your Face Before Sleeping

Another easiest skin care technique is to wash your face before sleeping. Daily our face comes in contact with dirt, pollution and different harmful chemicals. To avoid skin breakouts and to let it breaths wash your face at night. If you use makeup, make sure to use your makeup wipes before you cleanse your face.