Coconut oil is seen as a panacea for women. How to make the simple but very effective surprise. Do you know the secrets with coconut oil benefits?

1. Processing nursing milk

Coconut oil is considered a possible luxury nursing milk. Work to provide moisture to the body, not dry skin, smooth and bright.

After the bath, you get coconut oil rubbed onto the body. However, attention should not be too strong to rub coconut oil on your skin should use only soft cloth fibers, absorbent coconut oil and rub lightly over the skin, then gently massage.

If time does not permit, you can add a few drops of coconut oil into the water bath will also help your own skin as desired.

How beautiful skin with coconut oil suitable for all skin types, all ages and is especially effective if used in winter because the weather is dry agent makes your skin becomes dry, chapping.

You can use coconut oil instead of milk can support, fear of skin irritation, very safe and surprisingly effective.

2. Protect your skin and hair from sun

Skin, hair is the center of all attention. Therefore, you should take the time to care and care for them.

Working out a long, regular exposure to sunlight is the main factor affecting the skin and hair.

UVA and UVB rays from the sun are the enemy to cause adverse effects to skin and hair. Even UVA and UVB is the culprit causing cancer skin.

To avoid sunburn and skin, hair damaged by the sun causes. Every day, you should use the resin of aloe,  and add a few coconut oil drops applied to the whole body, especially the face and neck skin to skin is always smooth and bright.

3. Bring your hair smooth and effective treatment dandruff

Warm coconut oil bottles by soaking in hot water bottles, then a few drops of coconut oil on the palms and massage on scalp. This approach not only help you own a hair smooth, shiny but also can “kill” dandruff and give your hair seductive fragrance.

Besides coconut oil is effective, the disease can be treated melaleuca multiple infections, cure fungus toenail, prevent sweat armpit.

4. Softens dry skin smooth

In winter you do not forget to add a few drops of coconut oil into the kind of mask “restraint” (such as the masks are made from vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, papaya …) to fix dry skin.

5. Cracked heel treatment

Cracked heels will make you lose confidence, “the” sandals “show legs”. To improve the situation quickly, use coconut oil applied to the heel cracks before each bedtime.

6. Find life to lips

“Owning” dry lips will make you lack confidence and charm. Want to “find life” to the lips, you get coconut oil rubbed onto the lips. You should do at least once a day to find succulent lips as red as strawberries. After only a short time, you will feel the difference.