Beauty secrets with lip gloss


Lipstick gloss helps lips fuller and more sensual. However, it should be noted when used to provide the highest efficiency.

Beauty secrets with lip gloss

Lipstick gloss often  form gel. Some types of designs available brush, there are only a tube of lipstick and used brush specifically to makeup. The available brush  more easily, but difficult to create a beautiful pattern lip. So little of this type of makeup professional people used. They are very suitable for travel or for carrying in a bag when going to a party or the office.

If your regular makeup and beauty to perfection for lips, lip gloss should select the form type and buy brushes suitable for use.

In addition to lip gloss form gel, there is more strong type of lipstick is designed in a small box  like normal lipstick. This type can be used instead of the lipstick no gloss , very handy.

Do not hesitate before these types of lip gloss with dark purple, dark brown, dark red. When applied to lips, lip gloss is very light. However, the most convenient type of lip gloss is a colorless or light color such as pink, light orange.

How to use lip gloss:

After drawing the lips and make up normal lipstick , use brush apply lip gloss to the lips by shaded area between the lips, then use the brush to gently spread to the lips border. This helps not gloss lips were thick and not patchy.

What color normal lipstick should usually lipstick gloss correlative. That is the secret to help lips are evenly colored. Gloss usually made of gloss, not darker. So, if you use two types of lipstick the difference color, your lips will not be pretty.

Do not spread gloss lips by compression lip, as this will reduce the slick. Use hand or brush.

Lip gloss is very stick dirty, sticky hair, easy smudge when eating. So note lipstick again if necessary



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