Beauty skin with aloe vera water

Aloe is such a “wonder remedy” for the beauty of women, in addition to the daily lives also used aloe as a drug has beneficial effects on health. Discover the beauty skin formulas from the aloe.

Beauty skin with aloe vera water

Care for all skin types

The girls can use aloe as main ingredients to care for their skin without the skin care what your skin type. Because aloe can be very benign to use any type of skin care which. Abilities of aloe as a moisturizer, providing nutrients and nourish skin.

How hard skin with aloe vera is simply using absorbent cotton on the skin aloe vera juice every morning and evening regularly. After about 15 minutes then wash skin with water.

This method not only helps you have nice skin, but also get rid of acne.

Against wrinkles

According to research by experts, into age 20 skin starts aging, to middle age, the signs of aging is more apparent. Its manifestations may be the wrinkles, spots appear on the skin tortoise shell.

However, in fact in many ways you can slow the aging process of skin, one of the simplest and most effective is that you follow the recipe below:

Using 100 grams of aloe (equivalent to 2-3 leaves big error), remove the outer crust, cut into small pieces, then boil in a saucepan with 1 quart of water, boil for about 5 minutes. Then let cool. Freeze to preserve. Each time you use this solution were applied to the skin.

Also, it would reveal to you that used to drink aloe vera juice also helps prevent aging, more aloe vera juice is the clear heat, detoxify, and also the drinks of delicious quiche many people.

Make good chapping lips

In the winter day, the lips are often susceptible to dry, chapped by dry weather, aggravated lips you can get hurt, ooze blood.

Dry lips will look very offensive, degrading your sexy looks, in fact you are not necessarily “passive” wait for the winter is over, “returned” to your lips soft, smooth, thinner but simplicity in the cold winter days you can be “owner” of sexy lips by use of  are applied aloe leaves resin to dry lips chapping. One day can make a couple of times, you will see the desired results.

Skin mask

Beauty skin with aloe vera water Aloe mask very wholesome effect penetrates the skin cells, nourish the skin and especially not cause skin irritation or allergy. “Formula” to mask from aloe is very simple:

Use 1 teaspoon of aloe water, 1 tablespoon sour cream or yogurt, and ½ teaspoon of honey. Mix all ingredients together. Then use the solution absorbent cotton on the skin surface, about 12-15 minutes then wash off with warm water.

Each week you can perform this type of mask about 2-3 times, it is beneficial for the skin. Skin condition prevented formation of wrinkles or acne.

Oily skin treatment

Skin lubricant that is the obsession of girlfriend when make up, this is an “opportunity” to develop acne and formation. Want to control oil secretions on the skin, use a chicken egg white and add 2 tablespoons aloe juice, plus 1 tablespoon lemon juice beaten then applied to the surface, wait until the mask is dry then go wash your face with cold water again to help the pores will be close.

Masks for dry skin

Rough dry skin will make your skin like snake skin, aloe vera juice mixed with honey, glycerin and water in equal proportions. Reviews were mixed this up then add 1 tablespoon flour into mix. Rub this mixture on your face for 20 – 25 minutes, waiting for the mask layer is dry, then wash clean again. Each week you can take care of my dry skin this way about 1-2 times.

Also remember in the daily diet you should add more vegetables, fruit. Especially important is to drink enough water your body needs.



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