Benefits of bathing in hot water

You need to relax your body during cold winter weather? Take bath with hot water from the shower! According to experts, while bathing with hot water can help prevent or relieve muscle aches, joint …

Benefits of bathing in hot water

Specifically, when the hot water bath will often give you the following benefits:

Relieve colds: When you shower with hot water shower for 15 minutes can help relieve nasal congestion caused by colds, Stacey Tutt Fray – medical doctor and also a director of the Center for Sinus Disease Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital (USA). Besides, the bath with hot water will help dilute the mucus in the respiratory system, help you breathe easier. Also, in the process of breathing room full of hot steam will help soothe coughs and congestion in chest. Finally, close the water valve and used to remove the eucalyptus oil to help relieve symptoms. Note: the shower with hot water, you should close the bathroom door again to ensure the temperature of the exhaust steam from the shower.

Analgesic: The shower with hot water from the shower, whether at home or at the gym, can increase the blood circulation, reduce pressure on stiff joints, relax the muscle pain and gives you feeling relaxed, comfortable, Michele Olson – PhD and is also research professor of exercise therapy in Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama said. But there’s one thing to note, in case you have heart problems should avoid bathing in hot water, because heat can increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Healing skin cracks: You feel your skin dry and chapped in the winter? You do not need to use moisturizing skin care products are expensive, but just use hot water rushed in and then wipe dry and apply an normal ointment to skin. To do so, you pour hot water into a small bowl, cover a towel on top and then bent down near the bowl of water for inhalation. Warmth and moisture from the steam rises will expand the pores, thus helping the skin absorb moisture compounds better.


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