Sensitive skin is irritated when the weather changes. Its manifestations are swelling, redness look bad, make you no confidence out. Not only that, you girls have sensitive skin also difficulties in the selection of skin care methods. Oatmeal is the best solution in this case.

Benefits of Oatmeal - the miracle for sensitive skin

Benefits of Oatmeal

Not only is a nutrient-rich grains, very good for health, oatmeal is also capable of surprisingly clean skin. Wash your face with oatmeal can reduce itching, redness, increased humidity and treatment of minor irritation. Besides, oatmeal also helps loosen dead cells, remove impurities, dirt gets on your skin gently, safely. The nutrients of barley flour stays on the skin surface acts as a powerful weapon to prevent skin aging activities.

How to clean your skin with oatmeal

Get a sufficient amount of oatmeal, clutching in the hand. Then, put the hands under warm running water for 10 seconds, so water seeps through the fingers just enough to oatmeal soft and swollen. Open the fist is small and trim in addition to some water to wet dough evenly. Use this space clear oatmeal all over face and massage gently for a minute. Rinse with warm water, dry face and final apply a thin layer on your face.

While cleansing, you can easily feel the smooth skin, thinner and high elasticity. For those you have dry skin, exfoliative, yogurt can be mixed with oatmeal for massages 2 times /week. Your skin will be bright to see. You can also use the powder to soak in warm bath water with your skin soft and smooth.

Autumn to winter is the time you need more skin care for dry weather, low humidity easily make your skin look at pale, lifeless. Try and feel great efficiency of the method to do this nice little money.

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