7 Best Exercise That Will Make You Stronger


Strength is an important factor in our lives. We use strength every day to perform our daily tasks and activities. This also goes to say that the more strength we have in our bodies, the more tasks we can achieve.

Strength does not always mean muscle and how much weight you can lift. The ability to perform a series of tasks and your endurance in doing these tasks also rely on your strength. You can compare two people’s strength by observing them do the same activity at the same time. If one was able to hold out longer, faster and with less effort than the other one, that would tell you one person has more strength in them than the other.

Body strength is gained from a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, and of course, by being physically active and maintaining your body’s nerves and muscles to help you become stronger. Exercise is the key for this to be achieved. Here are 7 of the best exercises you can add to your routine that will make you stronger.

1. Hip extension (Glute bridges/hip thrusts)

7 Best Exercise That Will Make You StrongerHip extension exercises such as glute bridges and hip thrusts are excellent ways to improve the strength of your hamstrings and calves. You can do this by standing or by kneeling forward with your palms on the floor. Raise one leg up or outside with the strength core on your hip. This will develop the hip muscles faster.

2. Carry

7 Best Exercise That Will Make You StrongerA carry is simply holding a kettle bell or dumb bell with equal weights on both of your hands while you walk around for a certain amount of time. The weight gradually becomes heavier as you hold it longer, therefore your muscles exert more and more. This is one effective way to develop muscle strength on your upper arm.

3. Lift from the ground

Lift from the groundLift from the ground starts just like a carry. You bend down to lift a kettle bell or dumb bell with equal weights on both arms. The difference with this exercise is you will need to repeat the routine – bending down, lifting, bending again, and so on. Proper posture includes bending with the hips and knees (be sure to follow proper posture to avoid injuries). This type of exercise develops the leg muscles as well as the arm muscles too.

4. Push-Ups

Push up is a common and well-known type of exercise that many of us know how to do. How exactly does a push up improve body strength? The core muscles are in action when you do push up. You gather strength from the core, with the help of your upper arms. This means your core balance becomes stronger, while also developing the muscles on your upper arms and legs.

5. Pistol Squats

A pistol squat is positioned like sitting down with one leg while the other leg extends out without touching the ground. Both arms are also extended out. Do this alternating the left and right leg. This exercise develops the core muscles and improves balance. This also develops the strength in your core, legs and arms at the same time.

6. Lateral Squats

Lateral squat is bending from side to side with your legs extended on either side each time. Your upper body squats with your legs as you go down, extending your frontal side to the front and your back side to the back. This type of exercise improves the leg and core muscles.

7. Deadlift

A deadlift is weight lifting on barbells that are the right weight for you. Important reminder: be sure to consult your trainer when adding weight and be sure to follow proper posture when lifting. This exercise is one of the most common and is done to develop overall body strength.

Exercise has always been known to develop and tone our body to our desired shape and to improve our strength. With regular exercise, you can lose weight and increase your body endurance and strength faster. You can also exercise on a rowing machine for weight loss. With these routines, the right amount of exercise and the right diet, you can stay healthy and strong. You can achieve more tasks daily, which is a great motivation to keep yourself going.


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