For women working in the office, in addition to spruce up its image always tidy, polite, the scent of the perfume is also an element of interest is the women, the scent that must express the elegance and style of each person in the workplace. We would suggest to help you the most wonderful scents for women working in the office!

Ultimate Guide to Top 10 Fragrances For Women At Office 2019

PictureNameStylePriceCustomer reviews
Lancome Miracle For Women Feminine, youthful$$4.8
Happy By Clinique For WomenFemininity, freshness, natural$$4.5
Guess Seductive by Guess 2.5 oz 75 ml EDT SprayGentle, charming and attractive$$4.2
Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline L'eau de ParfumMysterious, sexy, bright$$4.4
Pure White Linen Light Breeze by Estee LauderSexy, seductive, feminine$$4.8
Chance Eau Tendre EDT for Women 100 ml 3.4 ozA feminine, gentle, elegant$$3.8
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 Oz Femininity gentle, bright,$$4.3
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray, 3.3 ozrefreshing, soothing and relaxing$4.3
Bvlgari Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari 3.4oz 100ml EDP SpraySweet and sexy$$4.2
Kenzo Flower By Kenzo For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 OuncesFeminine, gentle, modern$$4.6

How to choose the right Perfumes for Women

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Review 10 Best Perfumes for Women At Office 2019

1. Chance Eau Tendre Eau De Toilette Spray

change channel - Top 10 best fragrances for women at office 2016

Chanel brand which is popular with the scent of luxury style and glamor for women, but for the office environment, you should choose the fragrance with style close and younger. If Chanel is your favorite brand is Chanel Chance Eau Tendre would be the ideal choice.

Women office style
If the dress, skirt feminine, youthful style, the Chance Eau Tendre Eau De Toilette Spray is your wonderful scent for you

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre with floral aromas quite gentle, elegant jasmine, musk, amber, and thanks to the presence of citrus flavor that this fragrance becomes quite fresh and pleasant, the smell just right. In the third version of the Chanel Chance, this is the version with the best balance, not so passionate as Chanel Chance EDP nor too light Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche smells like. This will be the perfect scent will do more for the girl liked to the office with the skirts, feminine dress.

2. GUESS Seductive Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

In 2010, the brand has launched Guess Guess Seductive perfume bearing seductive fragrance for women. Guess Seductive created by talented hands of renowned perfumers Veronique Nyberg.

guess seductive - Top 10 best perfumes for women at officeGuess Seductive scent of pear aromas expressed in first class with vanilla flavor and wood flavor shine through the process. In it, taste the sweetness of the pear brought cooked to pear and somewhat warm. Next, the layer of flavor between sweet shine of jasmine and orange blossom. After a few hours, you will feel frozen vanilla aroma makes strong scent reminiscent of a warm spring day. At the end of class incense, vanilla still remains mixed with myrrh Olibanum and Cashmere wood brings subtle scents, soft but not least sexy.

The perfume bottle is designed in a trapezoid made of transparent glass, see watercolor flowers are yellow inside. The highlight is a bottle cap is made of transparent glass, specifically point keychains stylized heart shape oozes pure, cute but also very subtle and classy.

Women office suiteGuess Seduction perfume is the perfect gift to give these women prefer a gentle, serene, soft but also exudes the charm and attraction. Guess Seduction has a relatively good note so it is suitable for use on a day to go to work or walk around sessions with friends or a romantic dinner date. Let yourself feel the exquisiteness that Guess Seductive will bring you

3. Lancome Miracle For Women

lancome miracle - Top 10 best perfumes for women at office

Lancome Miracle seems not only be pleased that the fair sex to the office he also enjoys the office ladies use this scent, the evidence is that there are many men when choosing perfume offices for girlfriend or wife are preferred Lancome Miracle. Easy to feel immediately smell the sweet fragrance Lancome Miracle of litchi fruit and a hint of magnolia sweet, cool a very light sweetness and subtle feminine so not too hard to understand the office prefer so this scent. This is considered a perfume with a youthful style and lightness of Lancôme that all girls with different styles can be used

Lancome Miracle can fit most of the different styles of women in the workplace
Lancome Miracle can fit most of the different styles of women in the workplace

4. Happy By Clinique For Women

clinique-happy-perfume - Top 10 best perfumes for women at officeClinique Happy perfume bottle is the cheerful show of a warm sunny morning. This is a line of perfume for women, introduced in 1997. Happy floral fruit group was created by Jean Claude Delville and Rodrigo Flores Roux. Happy is the essence of happiness and filled with laughter.

Top notes class opened with sunlight as apple and bergamot flavor combined with plum create excitement & warmth. Middle notes novel class with a combination of freesia, lily of the forest, orchids and roses. Last sensual aroma with layers of amber, musk, magnolia flowers & virgin. Scents have hidden rather a pleasant sweet and sour taste from the start until the design is completed.

work-outfits- for womenHappy perfume bottle is suitable for processing during the day for women. Happy scent like a cool breeze blows into your daily life, whether you are working or participating in the anonymous casual occasion. Just dab a bit of flavor to her arm or neck, the fragrance will stay with you throughout the day.

5. Rose Essentielle Perfume by Bvlgari for women Personal Fragrances

bvlgari-rose-essentielle - Top 10 best perfumes for women at office

When it comes to perfume’s office ladies will certainly more than half think of BVLGARI Rose Essentielle, apparently, this scent has become the model ideal for all her work, especially with the who love roses scent very elegant style. Pink floral layer of BVLGARI Rose Essentielle not too formal but still features inherent cassette of this flower, sweet little spot of blackberries, a little gentle peony and mimosa. Finally ending with a full elegant charm of wood and patchouli. It seems every office she will be perfect and tender than ever to BVLGARI Rose Essentielle.

With BVLGARI Rose Essentielle, all women are becoming more elegant and perfect in the office

6. Pure White Linen Light Breeze by Estee Lauder

Pure White Linen fragrances for women Light Breeze by Estee Lauder was introduced in 2007. Light Estée Lauder’s Pure White Linen Breeze classified heading floral fruit fragrance. According to Karyn Khoury, senior vice president of corporate fragrance development, “Pure White Linen Light Breeze makes the mood to go a step further by focusing more on the ocean environment in the Mediterranean mellow Two. Space clear and serene with lots of sunshine “

estee-lauder-pure-white-linen-light-breeze - Top 10 best fragrances for women at office 2016

Pure White Linen Light Breeze fragrance is feminine, fresh and youthful, sparkling sunshine and orange flavor express beauty timeless classic White Linen perfume. The aroma combines the core elements of the original White Linen and Pure White Linen such as roses, white flowers and smooth wood. There are also ingredients such as fruit both succulent golden kumquat, Darjeeling tea, honey flavor and lasting justice.

Perfume bottle design similar to the original version of Pure White Linen with the higher body translucent glass bottle with lid quite harmoniously with the overall design, but with a particular color, such as blue sapphires.

Young style for womenPure White Linen Light Breeze scent is casual, feminine suit everyday use. Bright aroma, gently fit when you used to go to the office or to go to dinner with friends after a day of hard work. Spray perfume on wrists to scent where you saved the day in a pleasant way.

7. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray

One of the smells of perfume bottles with cardboard classic green tea for the girls, especially for the office girls. As the very name of the fragrance of green tea is the soul make up the appeal of this perfume. The smell of the green tea is also associated with the scent of orange, lemon and mint makes for style emphasize fresh, soothing and relaxing for Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. On a sweltering summer day, whether it’s to the office to work or walk around town, relaxing weekend comfort you can still choose this fragrance as a companion. However, a weakness of the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea is quite light shine and fragrance, but if the followers of pure green tea fragrance undiluted too much, this is still worth a bottle of perfume in the gallery your perfume collection. In addition, this perfume has many versions with additional combinations such as Elizabeth Arden fragrance Lavender Green Tea, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Bamboo …

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea style for women office
Wherever and whatever style of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea does all right for you

8. Kenzo Flower By Kenzo For Women

Kenzo Flower is a fragrance for the modern urban woman always on nature to inspire new life and their own creativity. Flower by Kenzo a flower in the heart of the city. The fragrance of Kenzo this brings the soothing fragrance of violets with imprint, vanilla and rose.

kenzo1Kenzo Flower helps you enjoy the beauty of this flower very different style, with special Flower fragrances you will feel it. It’s more passionate, with a little more sexy scent of amber.

Aroma gives a first impression as gentle just amazed by top notes of freshness and radiance include being the black tub, hawthorn trees, rose, tangerine. Continuing the seductive scent of herb extracts resin incense, jasmine, violet, rose shimmering in the sun.

Nothing more perfectly with the suits at work combined with the scent of Kenzo Flower

It is the blend that gives a feminine touch Kenzo Flower softly but also quite modern, but moderately sweet smell very pleasant and delicate are great advantages of this fragrance. Would be great if you combine the fragrance of Kenzo Flower with the simple office suit or trousers, shirts but still neat, feminine.

9. Light Blue Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana for women


With the hot weather, and especially in the summer will sometimes make you feel lazy women use perfume when the office for fear of the unpleasant smell of sweat affect perfume fragrance. Actually, you should not be too worried about that because there are so many scents can help you solve the problem that D & G Light Blue is a typical example. Special thanks to the citrus scents of green apple patch should be very good effect in the sweat deodorant body, in addition to 2 scents also gives a refreshing feeling for your workday truly effective then. A little shy gentle scent of jasmine, rose and musk, while not clear but it was enough to show women’s femininity.


10. Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline L’eau de Parfum

bvlgari-omnia-crystallineOmnia Crystalline created from the skillful hands Alberto Morillas. He was inspired by the beauty of the crystals to give birth Omnia version Crystalline delicate perfume and petals gently leaning. Guaiac fresh woody fragrance combined with bamboo trees, pear, lotus creating soothing scents and pure attract all glances. The perfume was launched in 2005.

Omnia Crystalline bring very mild scent and freshness; though somewhat diluted version original Omnia but still, express individuality. The first layer of flavor brought fruit aromas of pears has been softened in this version. When the first layer of flavor fades away, the scent still exists will be the woody fragrance with subtle green and white tea scent. At this time, the wood will warm flavor and deeper. Overall, the Omnia Crystalline scent brings clarity and freshness.

The perfume is designed the same as the previous edition. The design of interlocking circles with an outer ring made of crystal perfume bottle makes Omnia Crystalline very prominent in the perfume Omnia.


Use polite perfume scents, subtle workplace not only helps the women more confident in communicating just create beautiful images in the eyes of colleagues and boss. Besides the appropriate scent is also effective to help the spirit of the men work more efficiently as well as greater opportunities for advancement should never underestimate the use of fragrances in the office. We hope the top list of best office cologne above will give you more inspiration and efficiency when coming to the office.


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