Best natural face wash against wrinkles


Try performing the following steps to permanent wrinkles goodbye. These are simple and you can do everyday to help you get youthful skin

Best natural face wash against wrinkles

1. Oily – Put a little salt into the washbasin

Salt not only has antibacterial effects, but also effective elimination of sebum on the skin surface, especially those you have oily skin. Perseverance to do so for some time, ensure these hateful pimples on the face will not come out and face.

2. Dry skin – Put a little honey in washbasin

At the same time, combined with the tap water containing more honey on your face will you do? With these tips, make sure your skin younger lot. Not only that, dry skin also gradually disappear under which no traces always.

3. Gray skin – Put a little vinegar in the wash basins

Vinegar will help smooth your skin morning and have better elasticity, by itself vinegar can change the pH of the skin. Perseverance to do so for some time, not only brightens the skin but also the acne always

4. Skin surface exposed to computers – Wash your face with water diluted tea leaves

Green tea has anti-radiation effect is very good. By tannic acid in tea leaves can cause dry skin disappear, smaller pores and tighten gradually and more.

5. Every day about 300 times pat face

Use two hands patted his face, doing so regularly in a fortnight you will see the wrinkles gradually disappear, skin health and have better elasticity.


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