Women ages 20 to 30 is the gorgeous stage and most attractive in a woman’s life. Use perfume to increase the attractiveness, youthfulness and charm in the eyes of everyone. Here we would like to introduce you to the 10 best perfumes for women aged 20 to 30

10 Best Perfumes for Women Aged 20 to 30

Ultimate Guide to Top 10 Best Perfumes For Women Aged 20 to 30

PictureNameStylePriceCustomer reviews
Velvet Orchid - Tom FordCharming, unique$$4.9
Si - Giorgio ArmaniRomantic and sweet$$4.5
Incredible Things - Taylor SwiftYoung, cute, attractive.$4.7
Guilty by Gucci for WomenFeminine, noble, sexy$$4.5
Modern Muse -Estee Lauder
Sexy, seductive, feminine$$4.7
Florabotanica - BalenciagaFeminine, sexy, modern$$4.6
DOT - Marc Jacobs gentle, bright$$4.5
Girlfriend - Justin Bieberfeminine and gentle$$4.7
Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge eau de parfum for women 1.7 ozTender, sexy, sophisticated.$$5
Lola - Marc JacobsStrong, sexy, mysterious$$4.5

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Review 10 Best Perfumes for Women Aged 20 to 30

1. Velvet Orchid – Tom Ford

Tom Ford has created a new perfume called ultra feminine Velvet added Orchid perfume collection Black Orchid perfume 2006. Velvet Orchid version launched in 2014 to bring all that glamor and most daring; promises are fragrances with unique aroma.

Velvet-Orchid---Tom-FordVelvet Orchid perfume opens quite strange because of the unique combination of bergamot, mandarin, essences SUCCAN (purified extract as rum) and honey. Velvet Orchid core remains the floral notes of black orchid create crisp sweet charm and daring. Velvet Orchid fragrance of increasingly deeper when there is a blend of Turkish rose essence, wild purple orchids… warm Brazilian waters in Peru balsam incense, and for the makeup lured irresistible.

Perfumes with luxurious design with translucent purple vintage bottles. This is a delicate fragrance four famous inventors Yann Vasnier, Calice Becker, Antoine Maisondieu Shyamala Maisondieu and creative together.

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2. Si – Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani brand has launched a floral scent – fresh fruit, called Si in 2013. Christine Nagel expert who has created scents of Si


Si scent is built on the foundation of the floral fragrance to the beauty, elegance, dynamism and free spirit of today’s women. The opening is a mix of bergamot and blackcurrant powerful and passionate, then it slowly fade and give way to floral middle notes class. Charm, charisma jasmine combined with the tenderness of rose and neroli, blended together. When gradually evaporates, the scent started showing vanilla and wood, leaving a layer of incense lingered, attractive and elegant

Sample bottles made of transparent glass look elegant and eye-catching color combination with the dark bottle shaped flame. Perfume bottle looks like a burning candle light and warm like liquid amber fragrance contained within.

Si is the essence of class and beauty. Si Perfume is a fragrance for women who are not afraid to show their feminine aspect. Perfume also exalted the sophistication and elegance of the lines of Armani fashion clothing, scent will surely make but others last to look when you walk.

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3. Incredible Things – Taylor Swift

Country music singer Taylor Swift LDA Americans launched perfume scent called Incredible Things and autumn 2014 with floral scents of heading Wood – Musk. This scent after scent Wonderstruck launched in 2011, and its spinoff Wonderstruck Enchanted launch in 2012 and more recently in 2013 Taylor bottles.

taylor-swift-incredible-things-perfumePerfume scent to describe this mix of velvety soft petals and incense greasy wood, wrapped in exquisite aromas of vanilla and musk. Incredible Things opens with sparkling scent of grapefruit and pink pepper bring sharp contrast between spicy and fresh. middle notes are incense suede which shine with light wood flavor filled his gentle, surrounded around the vanilla orchid and wild passion flower is very unique. Last incense with white amber, musk greasy, Madagascar vanilla and grass flavor of the Haiti all help shape a extremely excellent substrate and blended.

Bottle design with white skyscraper with patchy water colors is very impressive, decorated with silhouette of the singer Taylor. The yellow lid with accent stripes carved quite attractive.

A natural fragrance youthful style sophistication. Simple, wonderful, warm vanilla flavor. Can be used alone for a pleasant feeling, perfume like a layer of skin covered down comforters make you extremely excited. Taste pretty good time to save, so you will feel secure when there is a pleasant scent all day long.

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4. Guilty by Gucci for Women

Guilty is the new Gucci fragrance for her glamorous, daring, brave, fancy parties and know how to pamper yourself. The perfume was launched in 2010

gucci-guilty-by-gucciGucci Guilty fragrance opens with warm and impressive oriental blend with a burst of citrus flavor and fiery red pepper. Class taste this magical opening way for the middle class shines bright flavors of geranium, nails and fruity taste death sweet bringing sexy and feminine charm. The scent becomes more provocative with patchouli and amber last class flavor. Gucci Guilty fragrance marked by youthful, stylish, bold, captivating spirit accurately represent Gucci.

Luxury bottle design combines gold metal and glass, double-G logo nested in the heart itself is artfully bottle to reveal transparent glass, perfectly showing the sophistication and elegance of Gucci fashion house’s reputation.

Gucci Guilty show more personality Flora perfume, scent softer (more flexible) Gucci by Gucci fragrance. Gucci Guilty fragrance brings soft and luxurious, sophisticated and noisy fanfare like its bottle design, suitable for all audiences.

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5. Modern Muse -Estee Lauder

Estée Lauder brand fragrances launched Modern Muse, one of its key products in the past decade, since the debut fragrance Beyond Paradise (2003). This is an attempt by Estée Lauder regain the reputation of a leading brand of perfume. Modern Muse symbolizes independence and confidence in ourselves of the modern woman of today, who are confident in themselves and their style. Harry Fremont has created scents perfume and he took the aforementioned confidence for inspiration

modern_muse_masterThe theme of this new perfume is based on the cool wood flavors to create the powerful; tangerine red, large white flowers (tuberose, lily and jasmine categories) to make a feminine and stacked effect, brings depth to the scent. The purpose of the fragrance is a combination of two properties on with an inspirational approach. When the fragrance opens, tangerine flavor harmony pink jasmine district with Continental silver, Chinese jasmine, lilies, lily, honeysuckle, along with dew petals. The woody species associated with different patchouli, vanilla from Madagascar to, amber and musk wood faintly. This perfume mixtures successfully demonstrated a parallel between the two powerful and feminine.

The perfume is designed with elegant curves and a very stylish bottle cap exposing her pink perfume through clear glass. From style to the main colors are adorned with golden colored bottle caps, jar spray texture unique components and parts of the country dark purple flowers bring a modern look and contrasting light. Bottle design expresses the dynamic in the life of a woman, known drill their transformation and inspire those around them.

Modern Muse is a very lively fragrance for women and make you feel strong, confident and full of life. This is an ideal choice if you want a fragrant aroma creates violent and not too overwhelming. It is appropriate to use when going to work or school.

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6. Lola – Marc Jacobs

Calice Becker, Yann Vasnier consulting with the creative ideas from Ann Gottlieb has launched its new fragrance named Lola in August 2009. Lola scent is delightful combination of flavor notes pink pepper, pear, grapefruit, peony, rose and geranium, vanilla, musk and tonka bean.

lola1The opening is a strong scent and overwhelmed with the combination of pink pepper and roses, but when dry, it will give way to the gentle aroma notes, cute, feminine odor filled peony combined with a little subtle rose and filled with smooth painted spending, ending when the last native pitches deposited on the skin to create a fresh floral scent gently but very warm and appealing with the mixture notes of musk, vanilla and tonka bean.

Bottle design is quite interesting, the first part of the bottle includes color curves heart shaped petals, blue and shiny red cherry and transparent. Class roads and lush beautiful flowers combined together to create a bright sparkle and bold distinctive personality.

Lola is a combination of exquisite flavors of attractive grades reflect the look of style and feminine charm of Marc Jacobs. And if you want to attract the gaze of men with only a mischievous wink, the Lola will be an integral part in the collection of your perfume.

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7. Florabotanica – Balenciaga

Along with Coty Prestige and IFF, Balenciaga brand has launched a version quite interesting perfume called FLORABOTANICA in September 2012. With the orientation for the young audience, sample bottles designed in modern style and fancy, combined with the aromas of rare ingredients and unique.

Kristen-Stewart-for-balenciaga1Generated by the modulation reputation from IFF, Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Herault combined scents like mint, carnation, hybrid roses, Caladium bicolor leaf, amber and incense all on grass in FLORABOTANICA to bring together an amazing remixes of flowers, just beautiful, just glamorous but no less dangerous. Smooth and gritty, full of flirting with pink floral, dotted with hemp flavor. Florabotanica users not only beautiful but also very dangerous, like a rare flower.

The different aspects of the inspiration of Nicolas was transmitted by the diverse architectural lines with brightly colored figures, the vivid floral prints at the top of the bottle and the packaging itself.

As an integral part in the botanical garden of Balenciaga, Florabotanica bearing their mark with a modern style and colors frame separately. While Balenciaga Paris to honor the genius designer Cristobal, Florabotanica will draw out a vision of his own future Nicolas.

In spring 2012, the famous perfume brands Marc Jacobs has introduced a new product line called the DOT with the scent of glamor and elegance, energy and vitality. The main components that make up the charm of fruity house and the coconut flavor and resonance of gentle vanilla. In addition, the continuation of the distinctive style of Marc Jacobs,

Right from the first layer of flavor, aroma scent exudes from DOT from red berries with dragon fruit flavor of sweet. Similarly entire line of Marc Jacobs perfume, floral middle notes outstanding in the class and warm aroma that gently in class last flavor, DOT will also bring features into 2 classes on our next flavor . At the middle class flavor, fruity fragrance softened gradually made way for the trio of flower floral honeysuckle, jasmine and orange blossom shine. Then, at the end of class flavor, coconut aroma harmony with sweet vanilla with a little warm from musk and wood was enough to leave an impression on the user.

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8. Dot – Marc Jacobs

DOT will also put on playful strokes, brilliant fun bottle design by designer Annie and Ann Gottlieb Buzantian with the image of the black dot on the bottle and the red petals that look like ladybugs uncle.

Marc-Jacobs-DotIf you are looking for a perfume bearing her gentle flavor, sweetness from the fresh fruit and flowers, the DOT would be a wise choice for your collection. This fragrance is very popular with the girls by the subtle, gentle, easy to use collaboration on several occasions and special events suitable for sunny days.

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9. Girlfriend – Justin Bieber

Singer Justin Bieber has continued to launch fragrance products Monday to honor the fans his girlfriend. Perfume was named Girlfriend and has been on the market since mid-June 2012.

Girlfriend---Justin-Bieber1The first flavor notes symbolizing “Opportunity” in love and bring the excitement of a tangerine, black raspberries, pears and strawberries. Extremely fruity freshness and sweetness that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Middle notes are considered “dream” and do not contain pink orchid aroma from South Africa, star jasmine, apricot and orange blossom. The fragrance is sweet and lovely light. Last incense representing class “passionate kiss”, containing all the sensual pleasures fragrance notes like vanilla orchid, white musk and white amber. Musk makes products feel dusty and strange.

Fancy bottle shape design, there are spiral circle around the bottle itself, main colors are purple pink and create unique looks for feminine fragrance.

Girlfriend perfume is the most accurate description of the courtship, personal and inviting. The aroma can be fruity considered awfully common. Like most celebrity scents, tastes sweet products such as sugar and tends to attract the youth market.

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10. Jasmine Rouge – Tom Ford

Tom Ford brand has introduced 3 new fragrance named: Jasmine Rouge, Violet Blonde and Santal Blush is located in the new collection New makeup collection in September 2011. Created by renowned experts Rodrigo Flores- Roux, Jasmine Rouge will bring up a spicy floral scent sexy and attractive.

Jasmine-Rouge---Tom-Ford1Jasmine is one of the perfume bureaucracy can be an invention in several different ways, depending on the emotions: the charming, natural and fresh, mild or fade. Right from the first moment you will be enjoying a glass of sparkling wine champange premium flavor of an effervescent gas-dyke-HYT total bergamot and mandarin with the smell. Jasmine Rouge will gradually booming with various tones of jasmine smell, both deep charming, gentle mellow. The scent will last neroli neroli from fade to the tropics, then switch to the hard wax ylang ylang, and to the smell of warm spices passionate. Near the end, the notes of vanilla and amber will soothe sour mixture is combined with wood – leather to create a cozy wrap film, as layered leather jacket is put on a thin bare shoulders trembling before.

Shaped bottle designed like spare Italian cypress, are adorned with deep red tones evoke a glamorous beauty sensual and passionate. This is the iconic design of its own with the classic definition is evident.

Jasmin Rouge brings aromas and complex, but also charming sexy and attractive. The delicate flowers are assessed a grade spice marinated spicy and hot, the charm and appeal of jasmine will be explored in a way that exquisite and unique, they all have in Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge.

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