TOCCA is a specialized fragrance manufacturer for pure and exotic scents. The scent is inspired by the memory of the past and the familiar places, the little bit of remembrance left a sense of mystery in space. TOCCA’s gorgeous products bring a sense of excitement to the unexpected.

The first perfume was launched in 2006 and the latest fragrances were launched in 2018: Tocca Maya. Tocca has partnered with perfumer Ellen Molner and James Bell.

Here top 7 best Popular Tocca perfume for women that you can use:

Ultimate Guide to Top Best Popular Tocca Perfumes For Women 2018

PictureNameLongevity (hour)Best season to usePriceCustomer reviews
Tocca Giulietta Eau De Parfum, 1.7 oz4-6Spring and Summer$$4.8
TOCCA Stella Eau de Parfum Spray4-6 Spring, Summer and Fall$$4.7
Tocca Eau de Parfum-Brigitte-1.7 oz.4-6All times$$5.0
TOCCA Spray Travel Florence Eau De Parfum Fragrance 0.68oz4-6All times$$4.5
Tocca Travel Fragrance Spray - Colette - 0.68 oz4-6All times$$4.5
Tocca Eau de Parfum - Bianca - 1.7 oz4-6Spring and Summer$$4.1
Tocca Travel Fragrance Spray - Cleopatra - 0.68 oz4-6All times$$4.5

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Review 7 Best Tocca Cologne for Her

1. Tocca Giulietta 

Giulietta is a fragrance that was launched in 2009 by the famous perfume Tocca with a sweet floral scent inspired by a couple of lovers Federico Fellini and actress Giulietta Masina. The scent is reminiscent of the loving couple’s memories of their trip to Corsica.

Tocca Giulietta review

This is a pleasant aroma and very gentle. Granny Smith green apple aroma is quite clear and blended with a light floral scent that is mostly luscious turmeric, but then the apple flavor evaporates quite quickly. Roses shine in the middle with the aid of other layers of floral blossom that is quite rich with some sweet warmth of amber and vanilla. Base notes are white musk with vanilla, but also from the middle notes. The light aroma of the wood also makes the fragrance close with a very delicate beauty.

Bottle design brings luxury and classic to every detail. With a round glass body made of transparent glass with a pattern like a beautiful clamshell. Comes with a bronze vase with meticulously detailed vines.

Tocca’s Giulietta is the perfect perfume for women who love to impress. This delicate fragrance will give you a comfortable feeling. The scent is bright, cool with a very close and delicate fruit for ladies. The incense is very close to the body as a natural body scent that is suitable for all conditions of use

2. Tocca Colette

Tocca’s Colette perfume is a water bottle for women and was launched in 2010 with the scent of a sensual extract and a very natural fragrance. With a warm, spicy and sweet scent, Colette is a scent that can be used throughout the year in all weather conditions.

Tocca Colette reviewColette’s fragrance is similar to Byredo’s Gypsy Water perfume but has a stronger opening with lemon or orange. The start with the mild pungent aroma comes with a fresh burst of lemon, bergamot, lime, Amalfi and mandarin. Then the aroma gradually becomes the flavor of the aroma from Violet accompanied by the greasy strokes of jasmine, cyclamen creates a whole body full of scent and femininity. The base notes are vanilla and musk fragrance, with the aroma of incense smoke so that vanilla is not too sweet, cedarwood and amber also contribute to the finish of the scent perfectly.

Colette’s Toccalà is a great perfume and is perfect for delicate women. This fragrance will give you a sense of balance and close to nature. Whether you use this perfume when walking with friends or weekend activities with your family, Colette will be the perfect fit for your entire life.

3. Tocca Stella

Tocca’s Stella perfume spreads the woody, floral scents of musk for women. The product was introduced in 2006.

Tocca Stella reviewStella opens in a lovely and succulent orange extract. The orange flavor is very natural, just like the feeling of cutting the fresh orange and squeezing out the juice. The grape fragrance is mainly focused on the orange scent but not tedious and simple. Stella’s special feature lies in the delicate floral softness of the orange-colored palette. The essence of South African orchids is not overwhelming but extremely pleasant and refreshing. The orchid tunes blow away the delicate feeling while the trumpet melody softens. All notes complement each other perfectly, evoking a romantic sweet touch. The same long lasting scent but it reveals beautifully soft musk to soothe the soft orange blossom.

The design of the bottle in the shape of a circle with the carvings along the bottle body, made of transparent glass to see the color of pale yellow flowers inside. The bottle cap is engraved with beautiful patterns to create a sophisticated, beautiful and no less luxurious.

Stella possesses a great distance of incense and wonderful flowering. This scent is so great, especially on your outfit. You can enjoy Stella in any weather and think that Stella is suitable for all your events, especially in the spring or summer weather and office environment.

4. Tocca Brigitte

Tocca Brigitte perfume was launched in 2009 and was inspired by the French actress, Brigitte Bardot. Sonia Constant refined the fragrance of this perfume.

Tocca Brigitte reviewWith this fragrance, the Tocca brand invites us to go on a bike tour around southern France. You will feel the aroma of Marseilles market combined with ginger and blended with Moroccan rose essence, create a modern feel, mixed nostalgic style of Europe. The brilliance of Brigitte is reflected in the sweet opening notes of rhubarb and papaya paving the way for the notes of Iris and saffron. The depth of the perfume becomes more prominent through the late notes of sandalwood and musk.

A luxurious and noble scent with passion from rich and seductive notes, giving a refined femininity, especially ladies. A classic bold bottle of perfume.

5. Tocca Florence

Tocca’s Florence perfume is a fragrance for women and was launched in 2006. Ellen Molner refined the fragrance of the perfume.

Tocca Florence reviewThe scent of white flowers and green leaves, you can even see this is a compelling combination of bergamot and violet crushed leaves. The smell of plants in the perfume is natural and fresh, not airy, sharp. Although you may not like the violet flower violets but blends harmoniously with the scent of white flowers and notes of fruit and apple, you also have to worry. The fruity aroma of the gardenia flower along with the yellow wood makes the femininity and sophistication of the Parisian capital.

This fragrance can evoke the image of the wedding in spring with pure aroma and optimism, love life. A beautiful old city of Paris.

6. Tocca Bianca

Bianca is a perfume from the famous Tocca brand for women, launched on the market in 2010. The product is the creative crystallization of Sonia Constant and is classified in the fragrance group. lemon balm. Bianca is inspired by the tea party in Italy.

Tocca Bianca reviewThe fragrance opens with a fresh and luscious combination of citrusy orange and mandarin orange, bergamot that adds sophistication to lavender bubbling with the youthful aroma of lemon-yellow Amalfi. Next, the green tea incense blends into the fragrant lemon fragrance. The aroma of the tea is marinated with the aroma of rose petals and jasmine fragrance. In order to keep that natural color, but still want to create a depth of scent, Sonia has subtly added sweet taste of sugar and warm musk.

A fresh, dynamic fragrance for women. This will be a young and unique jewelry for you confidence, flexibility in most activities such as work as well as outdoor activities.

7. Tocca Cleopatra

Tocca’s Cleopatra is an oriental floral fragrance for women launched in 2007. Cleopatra’s sensual touches on the senses are inspired by the charm of the Mediterranean. The scent has a lively, fresh scent of grapefruit juice used in the beauty rituals of the legendary queen.

Tocca CleopatraWith a scent of aroma, this fragrance will surely fascinate you from your first experience (and anyone else at your side). This is a combination of the lively scent of grapefruit and peach nectar with the gentle romance of white jasmine and musk, vanilla. The fragrance that is not too passionate, strong. The lily flower and jasmine radiate the fragrance, but subtle but very subconscious into each of them.

The shape of the spherical bottle, made of transparent glass with vertical lines from the top to the bottle body is very sophisticated and feminine. Copper-shaped bottle caps engraved with leaf and vines designs, such as increased sophistication for the overall design. Perfume solution is light pink, giving a feminine, sweet feel.

Be prepared to receive compliments from people and other women will have to ask you where they can buy this perfume. A full-bodied fragrance with an enchanting scent of “curious and embarrassing”, this is perhaps the best value for a perfume named after a famous queen like Cleopatra.

Tocca Perfume Gift Set

You can try different scents before deciding to buy a large size perfume bottle. With this Gift Set, you also have a more diverse choice of scents to use in each case and specific needs: go to work, go out or party … Besides if you are a travel companion The mini perfume Gift Set is the smart choice for you

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