The best way to Prepare And Straighten Hair Perfectly at your home


Do you love styling your hair or are you a time pressed to visit the salon but you still wish to step out with perfectly straight hair? Worry not because it is definitely possible for you to straighten your hair beautifully at your home whether it is curly, thick or wavy.

Exactly what to Prepare For Long lasting Hair Straightening

Before you decide to jump on attempting to straighten your hair, be aware of, admittedly, you are not a professional. How properly you can straighten hair at home with little experience depends on how properly you prepare your locks before straightening as well as making use of the correct products and tools.

Positive results will need you to use a high-heat blow dryer and/or flatiron based on the type of hair you own. You will also require a good round, soft brush, a fine hair straightening product which is gentle on your hair, and hair serum for a silky shiny finishing. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Wash And Dry Your Hair

The very first thing that you have to do is to wash your hair. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo after that condition it with a deep conditioner which has the capability to lock in moisture.

The best way to Prepare And Straighten Hair Perfectly at your home

All the products that you apply should be suitable for your hair type to prevent causing damage to your hair. You may leave in the conditioner for around 2-5 minutes to soften your locks. Rinse out the conditioner and then dries your locks using a towel, if possible a microfiber one.

Making use of Oil Treatment

1st Step

As soon as your hair is dry but still moist, get a wide-tooth comb or a brush and comb your hair softly working from the ends going upwards rather than from the roots going down. This process of combing your hair will cause much less breakage.

2nd Step

After combing your hair, use an organic oil for example almond oil, jojoba oil, black castor oil etc. on your scalp. Natural organic oils help in softening your locks and locking in dampness making sure that even after the blow drying and flat ironing procedure your hair stays well moisturized.

Take simply a small amount of your favorite oil, put it on your scalp and once you’re finished using the whole head, softly massage your scalp and then employ a small amount your hair.

Blow-Dry Your Hair

Now this is where the actual process of straightening your hair begins.

Blow-Dry Your HairA blow dryer is nice if you want to dry your hair completely before you decide to flat iron your hair. For the people with soft, wavy and less curly hair, you would not necessarily need to use a flat iron, a blow dryer will be sufficient to work magic on your locks.

However, If you are more interested in learning how you can straighten your curly hair you need to follow on to the next step.

While blow drying your hair start from the roots and then progress up to the hair tips. Make sure you use a soft brush to blow dry your hair.

To avoid overheating your hair and revealing it to heat damage, change the blow dryer’s hot and cool options.

Spray A Heat Protective Product On Your Hair

Exposing our locks to heat is a crucial evil that we know we should stay away from, but most often we don’t have better choices to go to. To protect your locks from an excessive amount of heat due to blow drying or flat ironing, apply a heat protection product after blow drying your locks and before flat ironing.

Hair protective products are easily available in stores nearby you. These sprays work as a coat against heat and also a moisturizer to stop your hair from drying out.

How You Can Section Hair For Straightening

As I have said before, if you have curly hair you will need to apply a flat iron to be able to achieve good results. Before you start a section your hair into three parts. It is the top, center and bottom. Sectioning your locks allows you to control your hair well as you deal with the flat iron making sure that you do not skip bits of hair without doing them with the flat iron. When you start flat ironing, begin working from the back going to the front.

Get Ready Your Best Hair Straightening Flat Iron

Be aware of making use of the right products is important in making sure you will have straight beautiful hair.

Having said that, you have to get ready your flat iron very carefully before you start applying it. When choosing a best flat iron opt for the model that permits you to set it to various temperature settings.

These options are necessary because different temperature levels are ideal for different hair types. Fine hair needs to be flat ironed applying low temperature when normal hair needs a medium temperature of around 350F. Thick curly hair works best on the high temperature of approximately 380-410F. I recommend you to use a good chi ceramic flat iron. You can read this best chi flat iron reviews and get the best hair styling tool any time that you want.

Straightening Your Hair With A Flat Iron

To get started flat ironing, take a tiny piece of hair measuring around 1 or 2 inches wide and half-inch thick beginning with the bottom part. Keep the pieces of hair at this dimension as when you raise it and you have thick strands heat will never be distributed equally making some pieces of hair curly and also dangled. While flat ironing, apply smooth instead of jerky movements.

Straightening Your Hair With A Flat IronOnce you are done flat ironing, thoroughly clean the surface area of the flat iron to rid it of burnt hair devices. When you are done cleaning, let it cool down and then store it properly.

Things to Avoid While Straightening Your Hair At Your Home

While straightening your hair at your home, never straighten damp hair. Make sure you dry your hair completely before you start straightening. When using a flat iron, dry your locks completely applying a blow dryer. Working with a flat iron on moist or damp hair will split the hair because the water in the locks boils up and breaks the hair shaft.

To prevent burning your hair, do not hold the flat iron on your locks for too long.

Try to use one long, swift, smooth movement for each small piece of hair sectioned.

Do not apply damaged straightening devices. In case any is damaged change it with a new one which is working perfectly.

Do not straighten your locks with heat every single day. Apply heat straightening products modestly and if possible any time necessary only.

When using heat protective sprays, do not use them to the roots to prevent them from looking greasy.

So there, you have got it, easy steps on how to straighten hair at home. See how simple it is? So what are you waiting for? Go on and try to do this at home, it is completely safe!


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