10 Tips to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos


Wedding day is one special day of your life and you put so much of your time and energy into looking marvelous for this day that it gets most important to translate it into your wedding photos! Most brides-to-be worry about looking their best in the wedding pictures, as they want to make sure their wedding album becomes something they will adore with their husband and family life-long.

On this big day, a bride is photographed from so many angles and manners. There are candid shots, group photos and props used. Photographers make sure brides look good in their wedding pictures but they can’t work on all tiny details. To have the best of your shots captured on your big day you have to learn some ways and tricks that can help you step up your confidence and posture even more. Check out these tips to look your best in your wedding photos and you will be able to pose perfectly on your wedding day.

10 Tips to Look Your Best in Your Wedding PhotosTip#1: Choose a nice location for wedding portraits.

Finding a location for wedding portraits which is comfortable for both bride and groom is important.  It can be an outdoor location or someplace indoor. When you research and choose a place for your wedding photography, keep your makeover and dress in mind. Also, make sure you are allowed to have as much time you want to spend there to shoot your pictures. If the location you are choosing has any kind of time limitation that would affect your wedding photos.

Tip#2: Choose hairstyle and makeup which suits your face shape.

Go for the hairstyle which suits your face shape the best. Try out different hairstyles and check how they translate into pictures. Make sure to wear foundation and highlighters best suited for photography on your wedding day. It is always recommended to have a heavier makeup than usual look for better wedding photos.

Tip#3: Practice smiling and posing in the mirror.

It might sound funny but practice is all what it takes to do anything perfectly even if it’s smiling. Own your smile fully. To make sure you are comfortable with your beautiful smile, you have to practice smiling and posing naturally. Capture some expressions of yourself that you think looks great on you, and give your photographer a chance to shoot such well-practiced confidents looks on your wedding day. Trust me, it really helps.

Keep your chin down while looking at the cameraTip#4: Keep your chin down while looking at the camera.

This is one thing you need to learn if you want to pose well. When you are being photographed, keep your chin down if you are looking right into the lens. While posing or looking away you can simply elongate your neck and chin slightly up.

Tip#5: Make use of all classic poses for your wedding photos.

Do some research and discuss with your photographer which ones are your dream poses that you would like to have photographed on your wedding. Take help of Instagram and Pinterest. Check out which poses will make you look slimmer. Practice several types of poses which works best for you; then show them to your photographer. If you think you have a ‘good side’ (camera angle which makes you look amazing) don’t forget to use it!

Tip#5: Don’t let the sweet smile fade away.

You are going to get exhausted at some point on your wedding day. It will be a long day; you will be photographed a lot. There is a chance your expressions will change. Don’t worry. If that point comes, give your face a little shake. Have a cold drink and go back to smiling again! It’s best to enjoy your wedding day and to make the most of it.

Tip#6: Maintain your posture to look long and lean.

If you want to look long and lean in your wedding photos, DON’T stand straight in all pictures looking in the camera eye. The best way to give your body a slimmer appearance in pictures is by twisting lower body to an angle and keeping upper body straight. Don’t keep your hands straight, keep one of your hands on your back and hold your clutch from the other hand. Use poses that elongate your neck and back to give you height and make you look thin. This really helps to make brides look smart in their wedding photos.

Maintain your posture to look long and leanTip#7: Lighting makes all the difference.

No matter if you are posing at a beach or you are giving a heart touching speech at your wedding reception inside a hall, you need to make sure where the light is coming from, and what the angle of light toward you is. Bright lights make the pictures more appealing. Whether your wedding photography is outdoor or indoor remember that beautiful wedding photos are not captured from the bride’s face being in shadows.

Tip#8: Hold the flowers bouquet confidently.              

Confidence is the key factor to look gorgeous in your wedding gown. To get best pictures you need to show your wedding dress, your jewelry, makeup, styling, shoes in your wedding photos. Similarly, don’t hide under your bouquet. Hold the flowers confidently. Keep your arm at a 45-degree angle to make your body look tall and slim.

Tip#9: Know that you are beautiful and feel it!

No matter what is the size, color or age of a bride, a bride looks so beautiful when she slips into her wedding gown and enters into the wedding hall. The mixed feelings of love, gorgeousness, happiness, confidence, warmth, joy, new beginning and all good vibes radiates from her and wedding photographers have great opportunities to capture the best of these looks. One tip that will help you throughout your wedding photography session is to have faith in yourself, and feel beautiful. If you will love yourself and feel that you are looking the best, amazing pictures will come easily.

Tip#10: Be in the moment!

Most importantly, be in the moment. Make sure to smile, talk and have a good time. When you are done with your portraits and couple photo-shoot, the cameras will keep clicking whole day long so make sure you enjoy the moments of your big day with your family and friends.


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