Bleach quickly for stain of teeth

Dissolve a spoon of fresh lemon juice with a small spoon of salt, dip the brush into mixture and brush the teeth, the smear will quickly disappear.
Bleach quickly for stain of teeth

Here are some simple measures that more effectively:

Regularly eat apples, celery, carrots, cabbage, lettuce … Acid naturally in plants and the apple fiber helps to plaque type and whiter teeth.

If you’re hard to eat sugar-cane, your teeth will be white and clean by chewing, sugar cane fibers to rub rub on teeth.

Use areca added pieces from scrubbing the stain on the teeth, the teeth will quickly return the clean.

Use apple vinegar brushing. This way not only white but also teeth cleaned.

Flooded strawberry bites and to cause within 5 minutes. Strawberry mild detergent to clean the stain on the teeth. Or you can also crushed strawberries and harmony with toothpaste to brush your teeth yellow stain.

Grill a piece of bread until the bread shell fire black. High grade fire and blend with toothpaste, rub this mixture of strong teeth before bedtime.

Using a mixture of sodium carbonate and water to remove the yellow stain on teeth.

Retrieved half teaspoon baking soda with a bit of peace. Use this mixture to brush the teeth brushed Left. If applied this way often, that you will achieve the desired whiteness


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