Why You Should Choose a Christian Rehab Center for Recovery


In today’s fast-paced world, substance abuse has become a great problem.  Many are turning to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to find solace from the harsh world.  Unfortunately, this has led to many becoming alcoholics and drug addicts.  These individuals eventually come to their senses and opt to seek help from the slavery of substance abuse.  They turn to rehab facilities to help them break their cycles and be restored.  

recovery-shutterstock268878410-man-_talking_to_doctor-feature_image-640x300For this reason, it is important to go for Christian rehab centers.  Here are a few benefits why:

  • They identify the needs of patients.

Christian rehab centers tend to hire qualified doctors, nurses, and counselors who have several years of experience dealing with patients struggling with addictions.  These professionals work to understand the patients and what caused them to fall into the pit of addiction.  The rehab centers use surveys, questionnaires, and in-depth soul-searching sessions to unearth the root cause.  They don’t just focus on getting the patient to detox; they want the patient to be free.  

  • They tend to focus on long-term results

In this highly commercial world, many centers are only concerned with the financial gains and less about their patients’ well-being once they leave their facilities.  With Christian recovery programs, their priority is to help those afflicted stay strong long after they have left their facilities.  One way they do this is by ensuring their programs are very comprehensive.  Many of them contain a series of steps, which must be completed to improve their chances of abstinence.  They connect addicts who have recently joined them with those who have years of recovery under their belt for support once they leave.  They also host regular meetings for all their former patients to meet and discuss their challenges and journey after leaving the centers.

  • More affordable than secular programs

Christian rehab treatment programs tend to be cheaper than programs offered by secular centers.  This is because most of these centers are non-profit.  They receive donations from well-wishers and church members to finance their programs.  Another reason for the low cost is the attitude of the staff members.  They see their work as serving God, a calling on their life, and as a result, they are willing to accept low wages for their efforts.

  • They help patients connect with a higher power

Christian treatment centers help patients re-establish their lost connection with God.  They believe a strong spiritual foundation is a key to overcoming all the challenges that life throws and that includes any form of addiction.  Addicts tend to feel drained, hopeless, powerless and worthless.  By teaching, conducting prayers and one-on-one sessions with clergymen and other personnel on the love of God, they raise their spirits and ultimately their outlook on life.

  • Religion provides a sense of community

Christians who have fallen off the wagon and go through rehab with other Christians facing similar situations tend to feel safer and are more likely to open up being in a non-judgmental environment.  The feeling that they are not alone in their struggles and that they are surrounded by a spiritual community focusing on love and care is a strengthening and empowering experience for them.  This experience has been noted to hasten the healing process.

While it is a good idea to visit a rehab center, drug and alcohol addicts should know that not all rehab centers are effective.  Some patients come out and after a short period fall back again into their old destructive addictions because they did not get the right treatment or the program was not as comprehensive as it should be.  This is because some centers encourage purely detoxing and employ traditional therapies only.  They’re not as dedicated to helping patients transform their lifestyles.  Christian recovery programs are designed to meet the needs of addicts.  


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