How to choose a less sweet fruit for diabetics


Patients with diabetes should limit their intake of fruits such as durian, jackfruit, litchi, longan, dragon fruit should be used, grapefruit, cassava, toads, guava, apple, pear.

Many studies show that fruits are good sources of water, sugar, fiber, vitamin C, B vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassium … necessary for the body. Energy from fruit primarily from sugar contained therein. Less protein in fruit. Fat in less fruit left, except avocado, durian. Fiber in fruits helps prevent constipation and reduce blood fat. Vitamin C helps collagen nourish the skin and increase the body’s resistance.

Fruit1According to expert opinion, diabetics can eat a variety of fruits like people do not get sick. But there is another point not to eat comfortably but in the permitted limits on the number and frequency of intake to keep blood sugar stable.

Doctors recommend patients with diabetes before choosing food should pay attention to the amount of sugar contained therein. The proportion of sugar in the fruit depends on the variety, where planting. In addition, some fruits that contain sugar which can vary more or less hyperglycemia. Water accounts for between 75 and 95% of fruit. Usually fruit do much less water line and vice versa. Note: dried fruit sugar accounts for 40 to 60%, higher than the same weight of fresh fruit.

Principle pick fruit in people with diabetes:

– Eat change, not out of habit, but only a certain number of fruits.

– Choose fresh fruit. Restrict the use of drying or dried fruits because of high sugar ratio, the amount of nutrients has been altered during processing and many additives, preservatives that are harmful to health.

– Choose fruits that are high in fiber and water.

– Fruits raise blood sugar as much as durian, jackfruit, litchi, longan … should eat less of. Less sweet fruits such as dragon fruit, pomelo, cassava, toads, guava, apple, pear… can eat more.

– Following the recommendations, people with diabetes should eat a maximum of 2 to 3 times a day fruit. Can ask your doctor for appropriate advice energy needs. Patients can eat fruit for dessert but if postprandial glycemic index is too high, try eating away meals.

– Do not eat fruit instead of meals.

Note: Each diabetic patients should have the address changed several different blood glucose uptake when the quantity and the same type of fruit. Therefore based on the experience of each patient selected for the appropriate fruit. Best to eat fruit, the shell soft shell, determined, fiber helps slow down the absorption of sugar and prevent constipation. Do not use fruit juice as easy as postprandial blood glucose rise. Fruit juices such as orange, pineapple or coconut water, sugarcane juice can be used only in emergencies hypoglycemia in the absence of available food or drinking water


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