Choose the right lipstick bring seductive lips

Do you ever spend time trying to find every kind of lipstick to add sexy? And what color will suit you best? The tips below will help you pick out lipstick like that.

1. Thin lips
Choose the right lipstick bring seductive lipsShould be: dark peach, pink, beige, clear
Avoid: red, black, red, dark purple, brown shadow

If you have thin lips, the better you should avoid dark colors, bright colors and soft, clear and helps lips look more natural. Starting outline border lip with a border pen near the with the original color of your lips, then fill the lips with pale pink or coral pink or beige.

2. Plump lips

Choose the right lipstick bring seductive lips
Should be: red, soft pink, color berry, lilac
Avoid: None

With full lips, just a few options. Do not try to buy the kind of gloss emulsions lipstick, and instead should only fill a small amount gloss lipstick no colour between the lip  to create a similar feeling. When ownership of natural full lips, you do not need to use lip liner, pink lipstick and petal color would look best

3. Color for the daytime

Choose the right lipstick bring seductive lipsShould: Red, the color peach, berry color, beige
Avoid: Any dark because you will risk like a …vampire

The look of the day you should normally, therefore, be more lip gloss or a pale powder, eye makeup and simple. If you will go somewhere special, made more handsome warm by adding a little color to the lips – pink and beige the choice will be convinced.

4. The colors for the evening

Choose the right lipstick bring seductive lips
Should: Magenta, Red fresh, lilac, beige
Avoid: None

Evening is the best time to highlight colors, so, look for brown, red and bright pink. Remember that you should keep the colors neutral if your eyes bright lipstick.

5. You reach the age of 20
Choose the right lipstick bring seductive lipsShould: Yellow, berry color, bright red
Avoid: Color too dark

The colors will warm up the young religious for you, so make the most of it. Choose yellow for work and colors Fushisia brighter for dark moments. Sink lipstick (matte) a combination of creams look best and tend to last longest. Add a little sparkling color over after work, you will look more shiny. And do not hesitate to try the red, just your right, will crown the brown beauty. Although it takes a little time practicing, but has been completed and crimson lips were not actually completed the process difficult.

6. In the U30 age

Quite sure, you know what colors best suit you right away? So it is necessary now is to go out and only buy:))


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