What Clothes to Wear This Fall Season?


If you still think that the summer is still here and you can easily stroll in a park wearing a summery dress, then you are absolutely wrong. If you really want to be in fashion, then it is necessary that you follow the season and understand its tone and behavior before you can buy those new cloth pieces from the shopping center.

The fall season has already taken over the fashion industry. Now, you will find all the leading malls and apparel stores displaying the fashion trends of the latest season that is fall. The following tips will help you to acquire a better perception of the season’s fashion trends and techniques of remaining in style.


Houndstooth Print Incorporated on a Dress

Classic Prints: First, you will need to understand the importance of prints for this season. It is not spring anymore, so it would be better if you really get rid of all the floral printed dresses from your closets. There are many classic prints for example houndstooth that is considered to be one of the hottest trends and style of fall 2013. You can also get them in customized hoodie styles. The print looks great in such style and pattern

You can wear them at any place, whether it is your office, work place or a party. They are available in a good range of colors, for example brown, which is a traditional color for this print. Apart from brown, these prints are now also found in red, blue and yellow.

Leopard: There is absolutely nothing like a leopard print. Now, if you already have one such printed dress in your cabinet, then there is no need to put it away, since the print is considered to be one the most sought after trends of the season at the moment. However, you can definitely stick to other colors. If you already have one in conventional leopard skin color, then it is time that you try out the other colors for a change.


Leopard Prints are always in Fashion

Greenly: There is nothing like a beautiful emerald green colored skirt. Now, in a recent fashion exhibition, the emerald green color was witnessed to be the main spotlight of the show. The color looks exceptional, where you wear it with the right kind of accessories. Well, you can always try incorporating the look by opting high heels and a structured tote bag.


Peplum and White Color – a must for Fall Fashion

Winter White: There is nothing better than the color white. Isn’t it? This season it is all about white magic. If you have not yet picked your white dress from a garment shop, then don’t waste time. Go grab it this instant. You can wear the color as a pullover or coat at your office and can obviously wear it a night outing.

Be peplum: If you really love the Peplum style, then you can go for it this season. It can be placed anywhere, whether it is a skirt, or a dress or a top. However, it is really essential that you do the right peplum with respect to your body size and look. If you have a boyish figure, then the style definitely look you more feminine than ever.


We hope that you find all the above tips on fashion helpful. To obtain further information, you can check out all the latest fashion blogs and websites for acquiring better information about the subject


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