How to use collagen – youthful panacea


Use of collagen in skin rejuvenation is now very popular in the central aesthetic level, however, consumers are confused or not the criteria for selecting the best product for you. Collagen in skin cream, collagen in beverages, collagen in skin mask. So what the use of collagen?

Collagen - youthful panacea

1. Collagen is particularly important in the body

Is a protein that accounts for 25% of total protein in the human body, collagen is the main function is to connect the body tissues together. A collagen-like substance “glue” to stick the parts in the human body into a complete block, without them the body will only discrete parts. This alone is enough alone indicates the importance of collagen for human life.

With skin, outside tasks linked collagen has the task of creating resilient. This is why skin collagen in any other format than in other parts of collagen, the collagen fibers in the skin associated more liquid to help increase the elasticity and flexibility of collagen, as they can the 4-dimensional elasticity, however, so that vulnerable or rupture caused by external impact.

Collagen of healthy skin, good links will help the skin is not elastic like cracks in pregnancy, excess skin is not losing weight, do not wrinkle when moving the repetitive, not pasty skin inoculation surface and no scarring after injury.

Therefore, collagen plays an important role especially on health and beauty of man.

2. Collagen artificial collagen supplement available

Formerly, using collagen doctors to get them right on the body from the area used for other areas. However this method is too costly and complex. Today, modern cosmetic technology had studied and successfully applied a number of plants and animals such as collagen from cow skin, pig skin, fish skin slippery and a number of plants for artificial birth collagen effectively aesthetic treatment very well.

In the cosmetic market is now high technology, collagen treatments are combined machine is big breakthrough in the elimination of wrinkles and sagging paste. There are three types of collagen are the most loved and trusted.

Collagen restoration: often used in cases of skin injury or during regeneration after treatment of melasma, acne, scars, cracked skin and spend excess skin after slimming. Products Phials of Collagen and Elastin with the major components are collagen, elastin and vitamin F, in which collagen extracted from pig skin and helps stimulate cells to repair tissue shortcoming thereby restore resilience of the skin. In addition, the product may crack due to the treatment of weight gain or pregnancy.

Collagen rejuvenation: is used for women over 35 years old started showing signs of aging with the appearance of the wrinkles, dehydrated skin, slack dough, driving is no longer taut as before, color skin becomes gray again. Beautee Cell Collagen Products Pure collagen content of the original post up to 25%, have the ability to add and maintain moisture to the skin, providing nutrients and protect skin against environmental pollution outside. In addition, the product can remove wrinkles agricultural improvement and blurs the deep wrinkles caused by age, ability to restore natural elasticity to the skin, prevent the formation of wrinkles on skin , promote cell rejuvenation natural mechanism.

Collagen restoration of link muscle: Frequently used before mask and put into the skin lining the bottom line as the power or computer-guided nature Led Medicare. This method is indicated for those who need a deep treatment of skin aging caused by wrinkles due to too long or move too much. Products can only be used in the Medical Spa.

3. Collagen in skin cream

In skin care products for age 30 are also additional levels of collagen, but only constitute a small part in restoring the chain of chili up collagen and elastin in the skin. Therefore, for the treatment of skin elasticity, you need to have the most professional product collagen. According to the American Health Association, the concentration of collagen was rated from 18-27% is considered high quality

Keywords collagen treatment was a minimum of 12 times will help you remove wrinkles and firm facial muscles most perfect, can be combined with advanced technology such as aesthetic wave Radio, RF, pulse wave, or IPL collagen electrophoresis to develop full capabilities help youthful skin.

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