Conair Professional 1-1/2 inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Review


Whenever I plan on getting a new flat iron, I always look to get a high-end brand because I’m just biased that way. I believe that brands with names will give you good products as they have to maintain their names. But very recently I just got proved wrong by my best friend. She told me that she bought a new flat iron which gives amazing result and is cheap! Now that indeed triggered my interest, because like me, she too usually chooses to buy a high-end brand.  So I thought I should give it a try. And I did, and it was amazing, to the say the least, which is why ladies I’m writing this Infiniti Pro by Conair Professional 1-1/2 inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron   review. Before you rush out and decide to buy another branded product, give this reading – you won’t be disappointed!

Let’s take a quick look at the Features to give you a better idea of what this Nifty little machine has to offer.



Infinity products don’t come in a single size. Conair understands that ladies have different hair and need different plate size to manage their hair care needs and style our hair they way we like. They offer sizes, including 1, 1.5 and 2 inches, and all these sizes come in different colors too. So you can choose according to color and according to plate size. Isn’t that wonderful! 

Heats up Quick

Tourmaline plates tend to get hot quick, and they don’t heat up evenly; some hot spots tend to get hotter before others, but if you have the patience and give it the time it evenly heats up giving you equal results.

Don’t worry, though, because you won’t have to wait for long. 20 seconds is more than enough time for this little magic master to heat up sufficiently. The max temperature on this flatiron is a whopping 446 degrees and even maintains it. A flat iron with that capacity isn’t any ordinary iron; it might have super powers if you ask me. 

What’s the Heat Shield?

The heat shield! That was my reaction even my husbands too! Well, the reason he got happy is because as he has nightmares of me leaving the iron on and setting fire to the table top. Well, now he has no reason to worry because the Infinity Pro has the ultimate solution: the heat shield can be used once you are done with your ironing. It protects the counter from heat while the iron cools down, so there is no problem at all. 

Floating Plates

Floating plates are a major advantage. However several customers have complained about the faulty plates, but I think this could be attributed to a defective batch of Iron since mine glides just fine. Some expensive hair straighteners ask for all the effort in the world, and return gives you nothing. You are better off with those who are little less selfish and don’t take away a chunk of your hair.


While the Conair Professional 1-1/2 inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron has many advantages, it also has a few disadvantages that could affect the a user’s experience. 

Extremely High Temperature: People like me who don’t mind the high temperature can opt for this and get good results. But like I have mentioned before its temperature reaches 446 degrees, and that can be a lot to handle for some hair as it can cause hair to stick to the plates. So rather than burning your hair it’s better, you get some other flat iron.

Warranty and Customer Service: Although, the product itself operates well, it does not have much longevity. It can get spoiled or malfunction pretty easily a few months into usage. There is a warranty, but customer service is slow to responds and most customers report that the service is poor and problems rarely ever get addressed.


This Hair Straightener costs less than 40 $, can’t believe it right? Yes, less than 40 for this incredible product. And, even if you’re not planning on using it regularly, you can still use when you travel.

All in all, if aren’t a regular user but when you use you want absolute result this is a good option. If you are planning on saving some money and looking good consistently then it’s a safe choice. It has no flaws and several advantages so it’s a good choice for anyone whose hair can handle higher temperature.


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