Curly Hair Care for Winter

Curly hair often looks great nobility and romance for women. But how to take care of hair is best to bend it in the winter – regular season and dry hair fiber, the woman does not know how.

Curly Hair Care for Winter
Let’s see some hair care for curly hair below for your hair are always beautiful nature even in winter.


If you pull the hair spray at close range, with the amount of glue too much, your hair will dry. It is best to spray the hair from 20 – 25cm, spray glue on the hair will be just a thin layer of hair in just enough to keep crease and preserve the floating rate nature.

Hair Dryer

To avoid haphazard tangle hair, not the curl, you should hairdryer from outside to inside, from top hair to root hair. When drying, although like the lock of beautiful hair you should not be heated, do so very bad hair on the scalp epidermis vulnerable. To limit the heat damage of the hair dryer before drying, you should spray care for the hair .

Gel smooth hair

Curly hair, use gel is granted. According to experts, hair gel you should apply when the hair moisture. Apply to dry hair that will dry hard and brittle.

Essential oils and hair care

Do not hurry complain why you buy a tiny expensive bottle of massage hair that hair is not  gloss beauty even when you “biting tooth” rub much. Cause you may be unevenly applied. To fix, you small amounts of oil on your hands, use hand to rub all then apply a small amount of hair, then use the comb gently from foot to top of hair.

Hair varnish

The effect of varnish is to help hair soft, shiny, no tangle, and that the lock of curly look less dry … But if you use too much oil, your hair will look “wet” and lose the bulge of the lock of curly hair. Using correct: for a little ball on palm oil, the other hand are applied, then lightly stroked the hair should be, creating a natural layer of gloss to the hair.

Cream create styling for hair

Do not think they use more cream on your hair style better, because this cream has a special ability to do your hair is stick if used more.
Using correct: the cream into your hands, the warmth of your hands will melt all of ice cream, then apply to hair creams are cream with thin volume. Now you can create the hairstyle you want.

Fragrant wax create styling for hair

Because they are made in the form of wax, so it should only be used on dry hair. You use when wet, it will clot.
How to use you for a little wax on the hair, then lightly stroked the hair from top to bottom hair.

Keep lasting hair crease

According to well-known hairstylist Christo, Fifth Avenue Salon, New York, USA, to keep long lasting hair crease, after shampooing, you should clean your hair with a towel lightly. When new hair begins to dry brush your hair with a gap-toothed comb, but still the best use of your fingers to smooth hair. When the hair is not sticky, you apply to hair, especially the roots, essential oils to moisturize hair. If you want to style hair better, you should use the rolling pin lock of hair as available are hair dryer and then put them into a sticky and stay in shape for long time.


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