Do you already know how to cover defects?

You are not confident because of the defects on your face: acne, acne scarring, fatigue dark ring around the eyes and even the wrinkles? A few tricks will help cover weaknesses of your beauty more perfect.

Do you already know how to cover defects?

Cover defects for acne

Use absorbent oil paper, marking up each note mild acne to dry skin oily areas, then apply foundation powder. Finally, cover the use of cosmetics concealer acne so that is suitable with foundation colors, each dot on the acne spots.

Cover defects for acne scars

If it is convex scars, color cosmetics should cover concealer acne similar color of skin. If a concave scar acne should choose cosmetics cover slightly brighter color. After the background check is complete, you use cosmetics cover acne scars illuminate the area, then again cover powder .

Cover defects your nose for more beautiful

Powder as light pearls cream on the outer circle of nose, type in some length is 2.5cm from left to right, followed by type light pearl cream powder up the position head of nose, your nose will high … change suddenly.
Contraindications: Polished dark wings on either side of the nose.

Cover defects hidden freckles

Use the cream color of skin and  brown cream poured over my arm and started to remove freckles from the tracks and then delete all across the face. Continue to dab a little powder same the color of skin, especially the freckles area. Also, if known to create attraction in eye area, lips … you absolutely can “distract” attention to the freckles.

Cover weaknesses more attractive to the eyes

Use only the pencil outline on the eyelid above, then select the tone light colors and natural  to cross over on to the eye above to increase big, deep … Want more serene eyes, use the line pale gray eyes, brown, sky blue or light green. If the tired eyes, remembering add  little light powder where bone of tail eyebrow

Some attention when cover defects:

– Abuse of cosmetics will cover defects that lose the pureness and nature.

– Principle of “less is more”: Make a thin layer but subtle, carefully check the foundation and uses only a little cover powder.

– Mascara your eyes too thick will cause shortage of vatality, especially when they stick or blocking .

– Use 3 or more eye color not only do you take time but also makes others more aware of other defects on the body.


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