Do you know about sunscreen cosmetics?

You already have the habit of using sunscreen cosmetics, but sometimes do not understand all the symbols indicated on the product and therefore will not promote all of our capabilities.

Do you know about sunscreen cosmetics?

• UV ray: defined as the “enemy” of beauty because they cause skin sunburn and  burnt, freckles, making more age skin process. Moreover, recent studies showed that UV rays weaken the immune function of the body.

UV is divided into three categories depending on their wavelength: UV-A wavelengths (320nm – 400 nanometers), UV-B wave medium (280nm – 320nm), UV-C wavelength (280nm and may be shorter).

Shorter waves are more strongly influenced much skin. UV radiation causes the skin to sunburn and dehydration can cause damage to the fibers of the derm (collagen fibers, elastic fibers). Thus, frequent exposure to sunlight will cause wrinkles and sagging skin.

• Sunburn: caused by prolonged sun exposure under UV light. Dilation of blood vessels by increasing blood circulation, causing damage to blood vessels. As a result the skin becomes red and swollen, inflamed.

When severe sunburn destroys the body in the skin, causing itching, pain and ache. Causes sunburn mainly by UV-B rays, but UV-A and IR also affects the skin, directly and indirectly.

• Tan:  is color of skin dark after sun exposure. Color of the skin on the old state after about a month. Melanin can be seen as a natural sun shield because they absorb all harmful UV rays. Color dark tan to go by is part of self-defense mechanisms in order to minimize the damage to the skin.

Tan is common after sunburn, but it also happens when skin is exposed to a high-quality UV-A.

• PA (Protect Grade) that is capable of filtering UV-A. In particular, PA is a manufacturer divided into different levels: PA + effect against UV-A about 40% – 50%, PA + + level of UV-A up to 70% and PA + + + the highest is 90%.

• SPF (Sun Protection Factor) only time protect the skin from UV-B rays. Accordingly, each equivalent to SPF 15 minutes your skin protected outdoor. Thus, the higher the SPF number only time the skin is protected as long. Note, the combination product with SPF PA will provide more effective than just SPF.

• Sunnbock: sunscreen is the physics mechanism , the avoidance of cross-reference directly into the skin of UV radiation. However, due to containing zinc oxide should be easy to clog pores, while the opaque white cream that is easy to see the “stained” for people with darker skin.

• Suncreen: a sunscreen chemical mechanism to prevent infiltration into the skin and nullify the harmful factors to the skin. Suncreen consistent with oily skin and skin prone to sunburn. However, some creams often contain lead, so if used regularly and long term will affect the texture of the skin cells.


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