Do you know health benefits of yogurt?


The bacteria in yogurt fermentation to secrete antibiotics stimulate the healing process of skin lesions such as scarring boils, injuries, regenerate new skin, keeping the skin fresh and reduce aging.

Yogurt is produced by bacterial fermentation process milk. All types of milk can be used as yogurt, cow’s milk which is used the most. Special yogurt and yogurt is fermented lactic products from cow’s milk, powdered milk or animal milk in general after defatted and pasteurized bacteria pasteurisation method 80-90 degrees C.

Do you know health benefits of yogurt?

Normal, people with colon putrefaction bacteria survived on not fully digest food and produce toxins. These toxins absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, acting on the nervous system causing premature aging phenomenon.

When you eat yogurt, I put on the body a number of lactic acid bacteria. Through research it was found the yogurt bacteria in the human gut viability and beneficial to the body. These bacteria lactose into lactic acid resolution, changing the pH environment of the large intestine, from alkaline suitable for bacterial putrefaction turn to acid inhibits their growth. Some yogurt bacteria also produce antibiotics can kill the harmful bacteria in the gut.

Yogurt has long been a popular dish contains high nutrient content, easily absorbed. Thanks to the lactic acid bacteria, yogurt can treat intestinal diseases, stomach and digestive diseases in general as well as help strengthen the immune system against diseases including colds classifieds, rhinitis and prevention; reduce the symptoms of intestinal diseases such as indigestion, heartburn, stomach ulcers, constipation … Yogurt is particularly suitable for the elderly, children, the sick up new and especially those suffering digestive.

For the skin, yogurt is “cosmetic” to protect skin from the inside. Yogurt contains lactic acid has a protective effect on the skin, preventing the penetration and control activities of harmful bacteria. The fermentation bacteria in yogurt can secrete antibiotics stimulate the healing process of skin lesions such as pimples scars and injuries, and new skin regeneration, keeping skin fresh, limited aging phenomena.

Many scientific studies show that eating yogurt daily to help skin bright, smooth and high elasticity. In yogurt, they found almost complete essential nutrients to the skin. Vitamins A, B, D … and minerals in yoghurt play an important role in beautifying the skin. Calcium and iron can be found in yogurt help prevent anemia, ruddy skin, beautiful young


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