Do’s and Don’ts of Microblading Aftercare

Microblading is the new in-thing. It has picked up a lot of momentum with the eyebrow experts. This procedure involves the use of a nano-blade, filled with pigment matching with the natural hair color and skin tone of the client. A pre-sketched outline of the brow that has been drawn, evaluated and approved beforehand is later filled with this pigment. Pigment sits only in the upper skin in the form of hair-like strokes giving it a completely natural look. This procedure lasts for one to two years, with proper aftercare.

What is Microblading?

It is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing to put it in simpler words. In this hair like incision, strokes are created to get those perfect looking eyebrows. Eyebrow artists are working around these to reshape, enhance or accentuate the frame of your eyes in the form of eyebrows with Microblading.

Do’s and Don’ts of Microblading Aftercare What to do after Microblading?

1) Keep them dry and do not apply any form of cosmetics on it under any circumstance.

2) Only use soft unscented baby wipes for cleaning up the area.

3) Cancel all your social meeting, get-togethers or any public interaction, as you would not like to meet people at the time of the healing process.

4) Always try to sleep on your back. In case if you are a side sleeper then apply band-aid on the sides to avoid any mishap.

5) You will have the strong urge of scratching them when they are in the stage of healing up. In that scenario apply aftercare cream at proper intervals to keep them moisturized and avoid skin getting dry and itchy.

6) Before going for the procedure do visit your Dermatologists to check the efficacy of your skin to take up the procedure. Also if your skin is allergic to any type of chemical or drugs.

7) Do check the composition of after-care cream and also share all skin related issues with your brow artists.

8)    Your brow artist is going to be your best friend for a month or until your procedure completes fully after re-check sitting as well.

What NOT to do after Microblading?

1) Avoid wetting your brow area at the time of washing your face.

2) Avoid taking and head shower or head bath

3) After the procedure does not touch them for next 24 hours.

4) Creams, oils, and lotions are complete no-nos until it heals completely, other than the one given for after-care.

5) Avoid direct sunlight or skin tanning methods; else it will fade out the pigmentation.

6) No matter how strongly you feel to scratch, pick or rub you eyebrows…..JUST DON’T DO IT.

7) Avoid extensive workout like running, gyming, swimming etc sweat will spoil all the work done on eyebrows.

8) Do not use Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid, or Retinoid.

microblading aftercare do's and don'tsDay-by-Day Microblading aftercare

Microblading is a permanent make-up form lasting from 12-24 months. Many times during the period of healing you will be tempted to peel off the scabbing or incur some irreparable damage. The crux of the matter is that patience pays really well in this case.

Day 1-4: Post procedure you will see the shades of your eyebrows is darker by at least 50% and bolder by 10-15% combined with redness and mild swelling. This will heal in due course of time. New skin will form on the procedure and old skin will peel off after drying. Exfoliation process starts with itching. Apply aftercare cream at regular intervals. Wipe off your eyebrows at regular intervals with alcohol to remove any excess oil or sweat in case if you have oily skin. The wetness of eyebrows will expand wound and scabbing will appear. This will damage the pigmentation process and cause scars. Scabbing will start by now, avoid picking on them.

Day 5-7: Shade of eyebrow is lighter due to flaking. The face can be washed normally now. After the dead skin has fallen off on its own, the brow will appear lighter later it will appear normal once the new skin sets in.

Day 8-12: Skin is now peeling off on its own. Avoid scratching or picking on eyebrows. Dryness and peeling is a combined process. Depending on body’s healing system the time consumed to heal the brows will differentiate from one to another. At this time pigment is in settling down phase. At times it feels horrible with a feeling that procedure is leaving your eyebrows light, patchy and uneven.  A fine layer of skin is formed on top of the procedure leaving it to appear lighter. Despite proper regime follow-up, some clients develop blotches and bald spots. This is the reason why you need a follow-up after a month. You will witness various shades of eyebrows throughout this period.

Day13-30: Now you can witness a bolder and firm color to appear along with the natural strokes. In some days complete healing process will get over leaving the pores closed and the pigment completely settled. Brows will start to appear more naturally with even out shade. Your patience is finally going to pay off very soon. Old skin will fall off, with pigment evenly settled in and pores all healed up. Giving you a born with it looks. Just stick with daily cleaning and aftercare regime of wiping and after effect cream application. Just cool down your heels in this period, do catch up on sleep, practice meditation & yoga, finish up pending reading and just jive into good music or catching up with your all-time favorite movies or shows.

After 30 days period book your appointment for the follow-up. If you have unevenness or blotches, it is time to cover up the remaining uneven look with touch-up sessions. After the follow-up session again the healing process is going to be the same for the touch-ups mademicroblading aftercare advice

Complications that may arise

Yes! The absence of proper regime and hygiene can spoil all the effort. It will make you impatient and scabbing or scratching will make the pigment appear blotchy. It will ask for further follow-up asking you to again spend an equal amount of time in the second set of the healing process to undergo.  The pigment is injected only in the upper layer of the skin, thus there can be several reasons for it to wash off or become uneven. Going for dry healing for all skin types has given far better results until now.

Important Reminders

Be realistic and do not expect a miracle to happen overnight. Be patient and give the artist liberty to give his best to the art form. Do ask as many questions as you want with your dermatologist and eyebrow artist before settling for the final call. Do research on the net and check genuine referrals for the procedure. It is a look and life-changing call, thus you ought to be apprehensive. Feel free and just take the dive in for new you.


The crux of the matter is the post-procedure care of the dry healing. The pigment also takes its own time to dry up keeping brow area dry is very essential and mandatory.  Make your time, money and effort worthwhile with patience.


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