The products from the rose – Bring pure beauty for women


There are more than 100 species of roses, but only two are used in skin care (and perfume).

The collection must be made entirely by hand and start at dawn and the flavor to keep things the essence of heaven and earth, distilled necessarily the same day. They need to close the 2000 production rose to 01ml (20 drops) of pure essential rose oil.


The drops of the essence of heaven and earth

From the 10th century, in Persia (now Iran), physician and philosopher Avicenna famous is probably the first distillation of roses – for the purpose of healing. The end of the 10th century, rose oil and rose water are used widely in the Arab. Today, roses are grown and harvested in many countries, but Bulgaria and Turkey are the largest rose production.

Useful component in rose petals and fruit, turned it into a pharmaceutical cosmetics can not waste a drop.

The steam distillation of Damask rose petals will give birth to Rose Otto essential oil. It is considered as the best essential oils rose in the world (and also the most expensive) with the aroma of warm, luxurious and full of charm. From “otto” was derived from the Ottomans. In the reign of the Ottoman Empire between the 15th century, rose essential oil is used in many regions of the Ottoman, including some areas of what is now the territory of Bulgaria. The area is ideal for growing roses, and has quickly become the main producer Otto commission. Today, about 75% of the commission Otto worldwide offered by Turkey.

By soluble extracts, we separated rose absolute and rose essence. The rose petals are placed in a tank with solvent and agitated. The process of extracting aromatics (with wax and pigment), then the solvent was removed by vacuum. Essential oils are purified, mixed with alcohol, evaporated at low pressure to again remove the remaining alcohol and other impurities.

Rose essential oil is created by the combination of steam distillation and extraction dissolved. This is a complicated process, but expensive perfume extracted to correct the initial flavouring. Rose essential oil is a wonderful remedy for anti-wrinkle and shrink the capillaries, the skin firm and smooth.

After steam distillation process to extract the oil, the remaining water is called pure distilled water (hydrosol). Water distilled mainly water-soluble compounds can of juice without oil. They usually contain a small amount of oil to get the aroma of essential oils. Distilled essences are considered an excellent auxiliary products for skin care (skin care, face mask, nurse), and is appreciated for its ability to hunt skin, soft and skin rejuvenation . Because distilled water is mostly water, so can be used directly on the skin without diluting. It is particularly helpful in moisturizing the skin of the airplane.

Wonders such as rose water

Rose water is a solution containing the water-soluble components of the commission. Compared with rose oil, rose water is very cheap and you can do it yourself at home. This is kind of wonderful toner to keep moisture in the epidermis, the skin becomes dry fresh and soft. Experts recommend that you spray rose water on your face several times a day, especially in winter parched skin moisture to be maintained regularly, helps smooth skin and prevent wrinkles.

Rose water also helps improve skin lotion if cotton or paper towel. It took away bacteria, dirt, and other waste products excreted by the skin. Can add a few drops of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar with rose water if skin is too oily.

Sensitive skin or skin rash is usually considered cool water mixed with aloe vera and rose water. Because the commission has mild antiseptic, it can make a good effect when used on light skin with dark spots.

You can also use rose water instead of pure water while you prepare the mask to enhance the efficiency for rose water containing cleansing ingredients and natural moisturizers.

Replace cleanser with rose water is also not a bad idea. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients in rose water will remove dirt and oil from your pores clog and reduce the problem of acne and redness.

Tap water rose to the surface and used as a daily toner, you’ll see your pores shrink significantly after a period of time.

Homemade rose water

Can make rose water at home by boiling 0.58 liters of distilled water with about 40g red rose petals (choose pink no pesticides, remove the white base of the petals). For about 5 minutes after cooking to thinning toner and for up to 2 hours if you want a thicker toner. Strain through a coffee battery and toner store in a glass bottle.

Rose water made ​​without preservatives, so we can only keep for about 3 days in the refrigerato


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