Enemies hiding in cosmetics


Toxins and chemicals in cosmetics is the enemy most dangerous hidden silently destroy your beauty.

Toxins and chemicals in cosmetics is the enemy most dangerous hidden silently destroy your beauty.Under the spell of the magic wand of cosmetics, suddenly your skin smooth and radiant, deep and seductive eyes, red lips and sexy. But sometimes that’s just false sweetness. And the magic behind it, your natural beauty is being eroded, your true beauty is destroyed over time. And this is the true face behind that sparkling.

Women expect a lot in those creams advertised as a public anti-aging skin. But in fact, the key ingredient in these creams are usually effective only moisturize the skin.

Anti-wrinkle cream: do not stop the aging skin

Desire to retain the youth, millions of women who put their faith in anti-wrinkle cream to look young and beautiful. They expect the collagen helps your skin become soft and eternal. But actually, this is in response to collagen that expectation. Over time, the collagen fibers had brought the firm, smooth skin will gradually shrink. And going through the birthing period, the skin becomes more wrinkled. Not to mention, lanolin components commonly found in wrinkle creams also contain cancer-causing dioxin and dioxin.

In fact, the chemical does not push back the skin aging process that only works to keep skin moist. You may be surprised to unbelievable, but collagen and elastin (the major component of elastic tissue fibers) is the waste of meat processing industry.

Foundation: may cause cancer

The cream base contains mainly wet mineral oils, which are considered contaminants of rubbing oil to bad affect our hormone systems. Sunscreen is even more dangerous. Sunscreen is produced from mineral oils can cause skin cancer and breast. And the cosmetics maker economic interests are rarely mentioned issues health warning on their products.

Enemies hiding in cosmetics

Lipstick: -agents causing allergy

Lipstick contains a lot of toxins. There have been some kind of lipstick is found to contain cancer-causing elements, causing fetal death or malformations. In addition, they can also cause a skin rash, swollen eyes, gums swollen and respiratory problems. Chemical flavor, color is used in lipstick can cause many health problems that are typical of allergy.

Nail polish: may cause bleeding

Most of all kinds of nail polish containing toxic substances such as toluene, phenol and xylene without any warning on the label. These materials can cause bleeding under the nail surface and can sometimes cause discolored nails. Phenol is a carcinogen if the skin often appear pimples. Toluene can cause a headache, decreased appetite, cause nausea. In addition, the foundation with detergent ingredients are acetone, the solvent can cause your nails to become brittle and break easily.

The only way you minimize the toxic chemicals in cosmetics is to avoid poor quality products and testing before use. The best way to test the reaction with ice cream, lipstick is applied to the arm in about 48 hours before using. If no abnormal signs (rashes, swelling, dryness, flakes …) you can use safely.


  1. With all the brand names of beauty products, there are always risk upon using it. Safety first and assurance that really helps to maintain healthy skin. Natural organic beauty skin care is the best because there are products that is hard that can affect damage to the skin especially those who have sensitive skin. It has been seen that nail polish can cause cancer upon inhaling hard substance when you open the container. Be more vigilant and always practice hygiene measures.


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