8 Eyes Exercises To Improve Your Vision


Exercising your eyes is a wonderful way to improve the eyesight. It works by strengthening the tiny muscles located around the eyes. A lot of visual problems result from eye fatigue. Leering at bright visual displays for prolonged periods tires the eyes and poorly affects the blinking rate. Lowered blinking rate of eyes is linked with drying of the tear film on the eye balls. Dry eyes also lead to the development of floaters in the visual field and hamper the ability to focus.

The only hindrance that stands in the way of achieving best results with eye exercises is the inability to perform the exercises on a consistent basis. If one adheres to eye exercises religiously, it can curb the need to wear glasses by improving the ability to focus and observe the finer aspects of distant objects. Here are some useful exercises to improve your eyesight.


Blinking your eyes several times a day activates tear production and keeps the eyes healthy and clean. It corrects dry eyes by preventing the tear film to evaporate and lessens the appearance of floaters in the visual field. To do this exercise, place your index fingers on the corners of your eyes and blink your eyes fast twelve to fifteen times in one go. While blinking your eyes make it a point to squeeze your both upper and lower lids so the muscles located on both the eyelids get exercised. Repeat the blinking exercise ten times a day.

Focus Switching

This exercise improves the transitioning ability of your eyesight by focusing on near and distant objects. Sit comfortably in your room with a wall clock atleast twenty feet away from you and a wrist watch in your hand. First, cover your right eye with your palm and keep both the eyes open. Trace a digit on the wrist watch with your left eye four to five times and then look up and trace the same digit in the wall clock. Do this exercise five to six times and then repeat with the right eye.

Zig Zag Line Tracing

To get all the muscles moving, one needs to perform an exercise that follows different patterns to work all the muscles located on the eye lids. Tracing imaginary zig zag lines with your eyes from top to bottom and left to right helps in relieving tension in the eye muscles and builds them up. It also trains the eyes to see clearly when you are moving them. To do this exercise, sit comfortably in a room facing the wall ten feet away from you. Imagine a zig zag line starting from top to bottom and follow the pattern with your eyes five to eight times. Now imagine a horizontal zig zag line starting from left to right and trace the line with your eyes a couple of times. Do this exercise five to six times a day.

Rotational Viewing

Rotational viewing is another eye exercise that involves rotating the eyes to trace a large imaginary circle on a wall first in a clockwise direction and then in anti-clockwise directions. This exercise stretches the muscles on the eyelids and makes your eyes get used to wider eye movements with no impact on your vision. To begin this exercise, stand in front of a wall keeping your neck, head and back straight. Visualize a large circle on the wall and rotate your eyes along the circle a couple of times in clockwise direction. Pause for a minute and blink your eyes ten times. Now rotate your eyes in an anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this step four to five times during each session and make it a point to do this exercise five to six times in a day.


This exercise entails fixating your gaze at the tip of a pencil and moving it away from you and then bringing it closer to adjust your eyesight according to various movements of the pencil. Focusing your eyes on the tip of the pencil enables you to see finer things with clarity and improved focus. Sit with your head and back straight and hold a pencil as far as away from you. Keep your eyes fixated on the pencil tip and bring it closer. Now again focus your gaze on the tip of the pencil as you move it away from you. At the end move the pencil in circular motion while focusing on the pencil tip as it moves. Do this exercise five to ten times for improved focus.

Eccentric Viewing

This exercise proves to be of great help for people with serious vision disorders like macular deneration and extremely low vision. It helps a person to view the objects using peripheral vision. Eccentric viewing involves focusing your gaze a little towards the side of the object you want to see and viewing the object with your peripheral vision. Practice viewing the object with your peripheral vision to identify good vision areas in your visual field. Do this exercise seven to eight times a day for improved vision.

Tracing No. 8

This eye exercise helps in improving the flexibility of your eyes by tracing figure 8 with your eyes. Stand with your head and neck aligned properly and visualize a large figure of 8 written vertically on the wall. Trace the number with your eyer five to six times. Now imagine number 8 placed horizontally on the wall and trace the number a couple of times for clearer vision. Relax your eyes by blinking them at the end of the exercise and placing your palms on your eyes.


If your job entails spending a significant amount of time on bright computer screens, this exercise helps in relaxing your eyes and leads to a marked improvement in observing the fine details of objects placed at varying distances. To do this exercise, stand at the corner of a room and begin observing the outline of every object in the room. While doing this exercise, it is crucial to keep your eyes constantly moving to help your vision adhere to all sorts of eye movements.


  1. Natural exercises for human eyes are actually good and are done to sustain good vision health. Performing a session of eye exercise demands only one-two minute. They are simple to complete and are extremely powerful too. Exercises such as palming, rolling the eyes, visualization, and movement techniques are efficient in reshaping the eyeball and improve vision.


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