Fake it To Make it: Sneaky Fashion Tips


Nearly everyone these days is on a budget but that does not mean that everyone cannot look as if they are worth millions. If you are forced to stick to a budget where fashion and beauty are concerned, you can still look like you are among the rich and famous. Here are a few sneaky fashion and beauty tips that will help you to fake it until you make it

Fake it To Make it: Sneaky Fashion TipsWith your Hair – You certainly do not have to spend a fortune at the beauty salon to look like you do. Experts recommend highlights that frame the face if you really want to look like you hobnob with the rich and famous. You can highlight your own hair, being very careful not to overdo it. You can also purchase inexpensive hair accessories that look every bit like their expensive counterparts. Only you will know that your hairdo did not cost a fortune.

With your Skin – Instead of spending half your paycheck on foundation and other makeup necessities, simply ensure that you are using the right colours. Makeup experts agree that many women have no idea what colours are best for their particular skin tones. You should check to see that your foundation matches your natural colouring perfectly and choose colours for your blush, eye shadows and other makeup that work well with your natural beauty. If you are unsure of what colours are best for you, check with a professional. You do not have to purchase makeup from a professional but be sure that you know what colours and tones are best for your skin.

With your Makeup – Speaking of makeup, in order to look like a million, you have to ensure that you are properly applying your makeup and this includes using the right tools. There are a number of makeup brushes on the market that are relatively inexpensive and will give you that perfectly flawless look. Spend some time learning about what each brush is for and use them accordingly.

With your Nails – Beautifully manicured nails simply scream fashion buff. If you really want to get that rich and famous celebrity look, be sure that you are spending time on your nails. You do not have to spend a fortune to get great nails. In fact, this is probably the least expensive thing that you can do to look like a million dollars. If you are not a fan of painting your nails, check out the new glue on nails that are available in a wide range of colours and styles. If you are painting your own nails, ensure that you are grooming them properly. This includes cleaning and filing to get that perfect shape.


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