Find Out These Popular Celeb Fitness Tips For Better Lifestyle


After the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was unveiled in Paris on Monday, women all over the world are once again inspired to own the body of an Angel — the same way that it inspired women to be healthier and own a better physique years before that. If you’ve made the ultimate transition, good for you.  For many though, the motivation to be sexier fails to last.  Do you have what it takes to earn the right to own the body of an Angel?

What does it take to get a fit bod?

Apparently, only a few women are naturally gifted with a slim physique, that means, a lot of hard work goes into owning the body you’ve always wanted. You can do it but, beyond motivation to lose weight what you need is constant, consistent action.

Learn about the secrets of the hottest female celebrities you admire along with millions of fans, men and women alike, around the world. Here are their top tips for anybody seriously looking forward to a fitter, healthier body this coming new year:

Gig Hadid 

She is the daughter of one of the world’s top model during her time, alright but, this once Guess Kids image model just turned into the most sought after supermodel of the present day. Her secret to staying fit?  Believe it or not, burgers and fries!  That’s just on days when she permits herself to give in to her cravings though.

Most days, she’s making her own food and workouts are a regular part of her morning routine — we mean everything from running to weights to boxing to volleyball and ballet classes in between. If you can beat that, you can have her body too.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Now 35 and with three children of her own, this Victoria’s Secret Angel has kept bouncing back to her pre-baby bod several times and made show stopping performances on the Victoria’s Secret runway, which just happens to be the most spectacular and magical fashion show that happens before the holidays every year.

Her secret?  Balanced eating.  Alessandra admits to not exercising as much before her pregnancies and confessed to being on 1,200-calorie diets to make the cut in time for VS shows in the past. On ordinary days though, she’ll have a diverse plate minus the carbs. 

Shailene Woodley 

She has, without question, one of the healthiest bods in show business at the moment. Thanks to her starring role in the “Divergent” movie series, Shailene and her co-stars were heavily trained for endurance training’s. Her regular workout involves plenty of routines that trained her to support her own body, that means push-ups, pull ups and lunges. To make her fight scenes, she was also introduced to several martial arts, Muay Thai and boxing among which.

On regular days, she’s not even contemplating to lose weight, she eats mostly raw produce, and even confessed to Rachel Ray that she sometimes hikes to forage her food in the mountains.  Extreme but that could work for you too.

Emma Watson


She always makes the cut of the best dressed A-listers in entertainment.  Other than that, her clothes always look good on her because of her great skin and contoured body.  How does she carry on with such a beautiful, natural physique?  According to her, by sticking to a diet mostly made up of salads, low fat meals, low salt food, and lean meat.  On any regular workout day, she will choose a physical activity that will make her sweat, and she’s been snapped running outdoors many times still looking as gorgeous as she does on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lawrence

All eyes pop when she’s into her Mystique character — flat abs and curves showing up in all the perfect spots from head to toe!  She happens to be athletic even as a kid, and loved hockey just as Emma Watson confesses she loves too.

Dalton Won, who was Jennifer’s trainer for her role as Mystique, dishes out on the actress’s secret to getting the hot body she now owns.  Her secrets?  Getting enough sleep, learning to enjoy a workout, and keeping her food in proper proportions. 


Now, you have what you need to know to get the body you’ve always wanted.  What you need now is the will to start and the power to keep doing it from this day forward.


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