Fitness is enjoying a moment of fashion


Working out at the gym surely is getting a lot of attention nowadays. Beyoncé’s fitness line is one of a handful that are reshaping the world of fitness fashion; what were once dull, bulky, and over-sized pieces of clothing, are now bright, trendy and fitted, and everything fashionable. Here are some of the fashion trends that are quickly developing into even bigger markets.

Active wear

There was a time when people wore hideous track suits on the jogging tracks and also to the gym. Fortunately, times have changed and designers are now investing in trendy fitness wear specifically designed to meet the needs of physical exertion – active wear. From high-waisted shorts to skin-tight leggings to push-up sports bras, this class of fitness wear is aimed to making movement and stretching a lot more easier when working out.

Printed leggings

Prints have taken over the market for causal fashion with a big bang! From floral in pretty pastels to abstracts in neon, gone are the days when people were afraid to wear too much color in one outfit. And not so surprisingly, the same has been picked up by a number of fitness fashion brands that have launched collections of printed wearable for the gym. In fact, prints in fitness wear have become so commonplace you can actually get to see a number of women running on the track in fitness attire that can easily be mistaken for something they’re likely to wear on a Sunday family brunch. The most striking of these are obviously the printed leggings that are often paired with a plain tee or tank top.


To be honest, headbands were never really obsolete at the gym. However, designers just never really realized that headbands too had a considerable market potential as a sell-able fitness fashion essential. Added to that, the fact that women have become a lot more beauty conscious makes them want to do as much as they can from still looking hot while they exercise at gym, to protecting their hair from too much sweat.

Waist training corsets

Kim Kardashian sure is known for spearheading fashion trends, and she’s done it again this time. The much controversial body cinching corset is back from the mast and with a fitness oriented revamp. It’s actually the pursuit of the perfect hourglass figure that’s more of a fashion and fitness trend, and in order to get that, women have resorted to wearing waist training corsets to shrink a couple of inches off their waistline. The trend does come with its drawbacks, but is nonetheless very very effective in it’s purpose.

Fitness gadgets

Given how technology is rapidly taking over our lifestyle, fitness gadgets emerging as a major fashion trend too isn’t a big surprise. Whether it’s a wristband or a pedometer, fitness gadgets are all over the place! They’re the best way women can supplement not wearing dangling jewelry that keeps coming in between their movements as they exercise. Not to mention, there’s a surge in the number of health and fitness apps from smartphones enabling people to not only monitor their own progress, but also share theirs with that of other users and also connect with health and fitness experts for advice on living a healthier lifestyle. In fact, Pokémon Go is being considered to be a revolution as far as fitness apps are concerned.

So what fitness fashion trends have you yet to adopt?


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