Five Natural Beauty Products to Consider


Most women know that beauty products can go a long way to making them feel more confident about themselves whether it’s a dab of lotion for dry skin, or a full face and smoky eyes. Whatever your beauty routine is, there’s nothing wrong with feeling beautiful and confident. Unfortunately, it’s hard to trust the makeup products we use, especially when we don’t know where they come from. Natural beauty products can be safer in many respects. Here are five natural beauty products to consider the next time you need to restock!

Why is Natural Beauty Products Better?

Natural Beauty products won’t irritate your skin or cause unwanted side-effectd.
They often smell better because their scents are natural and not being used to cover the smell of chemicals used in makeup

They are environmentally friendly. Buying natural means less demand for chemical beauty products which pollute the air during the manufacturing process and can even pollute the water and soil when we wash them down the sink.

Natural beauty products are typically higher quality. While the con is that it’s hard to find a wide selection of natural products at the drug store, the pro is that natural beauty products are usually crafted by passionate companies who want to make the world a better place and love makeup. The product quality is better and well-worth the price tag.

Eyeliners & Mascaras

Natural eyeliners are necessary for anyone who’s going green with their makeup routine. The eyes are the most sensitive parts of the face. The eyelashes play an important role—they shield your eyes from harmful pollutants, so why are we brushing pollutants straight onto our eyelashes? That doesn’t seem healthy!

Five Natural Beauty Products to ConsiderIf you want to keep your eyes safe and beautiful, you should opt for natural mascaras and eyeliners so that you can take care of the most sensitive parts of your face. Regular mascaras contain an assortment of chemicals, stiffening gums and even fine rayon fibers. Yuck! Natural Mascaras contain beeswax as a stiffener, castor seed oil and lavender flower water. Just reading the ingredients list will make you feel pampered.

Lipsticks & Glosses

A good lipstick is hard to find. If it’s not drying your lips, it’s smearing, running or fading too soon. Your lips are sensitive. If one particularly cold winter hasn’t taught you that, then a bad drugstore lipstick will. It’s important to keep our lips hydrated not only because they look nicer, but because they won’t burn. Natural lipsticks, glosses and hydrators really work wonders.

best Natural Beauty Products to ConsiderWhile many lipsticks claim that they contain a few natural ingredients like orchid extracts, cocoa butter or peppermint extract to hydrate or plump there is never enough of these ingredients to make a noticeable impact. Also, having one or two natural ingredients does not make something natural. Check the label first. Your body will thank you for treating it well.

Lotions & Creams

You’ve probably had dry lips, but dry skin can be so much worse. There’s simply more of it. If you’ve ever used a bad lotion you might have broken out or had a bad reaction. Purging yourself of every lotion you’ve used for a week just to find the offender isn’t fun either. Natural lotions won’t irritate your skin. Chances are, they smell better too. Anything that you cover half of your body with shouldn’t be able to potentially cause harm.

top Five Natural Beauty Products to ConsiderNatural lotions use all-natural scents and are gentler on your skin. They may cost a little extra, but they’re more hydrating which means you need to use less. Here’s a tip: Apply lotion while your skin is damp, for example after you’ve gotten out of the shower and dried it off. Applying to completely dry skin has little effect because the lotion has no moisture to lock into the skin.

Hair Dyes & Soaks

You’ve probably heard someone mention that hair dye is extremely bad for you. Some people’s hair collapses under the stress of the chemicals and other people’s hair flourishes. This doesn’t mean that hair dye is good for some people. It just means that it makes their hair look nice, but eventually, the flame will reach the end of the wick and their luck will run out. If that isn’t enough to bother you, you should be aware that hair dye has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other cancers. Whether you’re the kind of person with fried hair or silky smooth hair after a fresh color, you ought to think about switching over to a natural option.

There are several options for natural hair dye with hundreds of colors. If you don’t want to dye your hair using a kit, you can always use henna or other natural methods. Many people swear by chamomile tea soaks, coffee, lemon juice, beet juice and even walnut shells.

Foundations & Concealers

Like lotions and creams, foundations can cause bad reactions if you’re not careful. Look at the label—you’ll find that most brands are nothing more than skin-colored chemicals. There are so many options of foundations, concealers, BB and CC creams. It can get overwhelming especially when faced with the natural and chemical options. A bad reaction to a makeup is extremely hard to fix. It can give you a rash and peel your skin. When your skin is in a condition like that, you won’t be able to wear makeup until it heals.

Natural options are safer. You can find them at the beauty store and online. Just know your shade beforehand and take a quick look at the online reviews since some natural foundations are prone to separation or fast drying.

Beauty is about being confident. It’s something that we do for ourselves, not something that we owe to other people. The natural option is always the best way to take care of and pamper our bodies. You should never risk your health for your beauty. Health and beauty go hand in hand. Stay healthy and beautiful this year by considering these five must-have beauty products.


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