Why A Folding Mattress Is A Must-Have In Every House?


The popularity of folding mattresses has increased over the last two decades due to changes in homes structures. Homes have shrunk in size and so are the furniture’s and accessories being used in homes. Traditional, home-based mattresses are fading away and folding mattresses are taking their place.

But what is a folding mattress? In simple words, a folding mattress can be defined as a versatile and portable alternative to traditional, home-based mattresses. The purpose of this article is to find out why every modern home must have a folding mattress.

Why A Folding Mattress Is A Must-Have In Every House?6 BENEFITS OF OWNING A FOLDING MATTRESS

A folding mattress has three panels that fold in two places. Its foldability makes this mattress carry the day. So let us find the underlying cause of this.

1. It makes a great guest bed

I know how disturbing it feels trying to figure where your guests will sleep especially if your room is small. This can be a bigger puzzle if the guests are of different genders. However, this need not be a big deal if you already have a folding mattress at home.

Your guests will feel more comfortable on a folding mattress than on the couch because a folding mattress allows sleepers more room to move around. Besides, a folding mattress is made of materials best for sleeping, unlike the coach.

2. It is easy to store

The cool thing about a folding mattress is that it is flexible and can be folded up to fit into a closet without taking up much space. This means that you can store it securely until another guest arrives.  This will leave you with extra storage space in the guest room after the guest is gone. A folding mattress is the one to purchase if you cannot afford to save a guest room all year round.

3. It is best for kids

Holidays are busy playtimes for kids. a folding mattress can make a good play mat. With a folding mattress, your kids can play on a safe platform. Whether they roll and jump, they will not fall on a hard ground, which can injure them. Some folding mattresses may come with removable covers so cleaning is not a big deal.

Furthermore, some kids love spending their nights at their friend’s home during holidays. To avoid inconveniences related to beddings, a folding mattress will be more comfortable than a sleeping bag.

Why A Folding Mattress Is A Must-Have In Every House?4. It is versatile

A folding mattress can be put into different uses so it is not just a sleeping accessory. For instance, you can fold it to make a footrest or convert it into a chair. You can also keep it in your living room for lounging while watching a movie.

5. It is an important traveling accessory

If you are always on the go or camping, carrying your own mattress is a nice idea unless you are ready to for pain sleeping on someone’s couch. The benefit of carrying a folding mattress is that it is more comfortable than most of the portable options.

Actually, a folding mattress provides good body support and this makes them more superior than average futons or sleeping bags. With a folding mattress, you can get the luxurious comfort of a real bed.

That is not all about the folding mattress without talking of storage and transportation. A folding mattress takes less space in the car making it easy to carry with you. Furthermore, some models have convenient carry handles that make facilitate easy transportation.

6. It is budget-friendly

You will realize that a folding mattress is much cheaper than traditional mattresses. A quick market research shows that most of the best folding mattresses are under $200. This is more pocket-friendly than traditional mattresses that may cost hundreds of dollars.

The good thing about folding mattresses is that they will save you tons of money that you can use in other profitable activities.


A foldable mattress can be useful in many different situations as described above. Luckily, there are numerous brands available in the market so you cannot fail to get one within your budget. However, the presence of many choices can also wreak havoc if you do not know what features to look for when buying. Keep following our posts for an ultimate guide to choosing the right folding mattress.



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