Foods for healthy and beautiful teeth

You know, some food is not good for health of dental but also some really useful food for beauty dental. Try checking your eating habits are not really good for teeth.

Foods for healthy and beautiful teeth
Pierson Dentist – Dental School brindle American general said: “To eat good food, especially can help to naturally white teeth and healthy, while eliminating the harmful bacteria in your mouth.” Try testing the following dish on the advice of the dentist to have a healthy teeth!

Protection of tooth enamel

Yogurt, cheese and milk have more calcium will help your tooth enamel is better, stronger roots.

Protect gum

Grape juice has the potential to wound healing and reduce bleeding tooth, gums. In a study in Germany showed that grape juice also prevents fractures and loss of profit and collagel fibers around the teeth. Acids in grape juice can reconstruct enamel so the dentist usually recommends that after eating grapes about 30 minutes, go brush your teeth.

Kill bacteria

Kiwi fruit, orange, lemon, strawberry, raspberry contains vitamin C, capable of killing bacteria in the mouth. Green tea contains active ingredients that can clean teeth. Green tea contains active ingredients to clean teeth, remove odor-causing bacteria. Spices such as wasabi contains active ingredients to control the bacteria that cause disease.

Cleansing breath

There are several types of natural herbs will help your breath smells better. Mint and parsley will eliminate the bacteria in the mouth. In addition, they also help remove the smell of onions, garlic – Spices tend to close in the blood cells throughout the body before runs out.

Prevent stains

Cauliflower, spinach, lettuce and broccoli, a source of minerals to help protect the tooth surface before the onset of pigment in wine, Coca cola, coffee … on enamel. Strawberry containing bleach to help whiten teeth naturally. Foods such as carrots, peanuts, nuts … help cracking the plaque.
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