A body balance in addition to a skin soft, smooth, sexy is considered as standard first evaluation of your external appearance. But your concern for a beauty skin does not easy. Please under your tips, beauty skin with just yogurt provide effective, less expensive and easy money.

For years many people have known the benefits of eating yogurt, because the fermentation process with the participation of millions of beneficial bacteria, so yogurt is one food is good for health, especially for the digestive system.

Besides, you can completely satisfied when using yogurt to take care of the skin (especially dry skin).

Lactic acid in yogurt makes the skin soft, smooth and stretch will pores. It also works to prevent the penetration and control activities of all kinds of harmful bacteria, helps protect the skin. Bacteria fermented sour also more likely to antibiotics help to re-create natural skin quickly.

Make beauty – It’s easy


You can use yogurt in covering up in the morning, then wash again with cold water or you can mix it with some other materials to mask more effective. Here are some simple, easy to follow.

– Mix the yogurt and lentils are applied to the skin until dry. Hand peeled layer mask has dried and then washed with water.

Formula make beauty skin with yoghourt

– Mix one cup of yogurt are pure coffee with two spoons of honey and a half. Apply to face, rinse clean with warm water after 5 minutes.


– Yogurt mixed with orange skin mash. Apply to face for about 15 minutes and then rinse with water.

Experts recommend that you change by using cosmetics, beauty care yourself with their materials available in nature, has no skin irritation, and, again achieving high efficiency.


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