In general, vegetable, fruit moisture maintenance work, scrubs, impulse circulation of blood, prevent wrinkles, making skin more bright and smooth. However, each type of skin (dry skin, oily skin, skin more wrinkles, tanned skin…) are using each vegetable, fruit variety.

Vegetables and fruits fresh foods are not only healthy but also work very well by the skin care ingredients it contains vitamins, minerals and organic acids.

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Dry skin

– Use fresh bitter melon fruit, washed, sliced, soaked in cold water, bring about 3 minutes, drain, covered up in about 20 minutes. Then removed individual slices, after 15 minutes to wash face with warm water slightly.

– Use an orange squeezed out water, get covered up residue in about 20 minutes and then washed. Orange peels work to make skin smooth, smooth, not dry me.

– Fresh milk, eggs and honey chicken type are pure, lightly rub with your hands up in the evening, two times per week, every 20 minutes, then wash your face clean with warm water.

Oily skin

– Potato tuber is rich in vitamins and minerals, works well for the skin oil. Using a potato fresh, no stamp, sliced thin covering over the face, then use a thin piece of gauze to keep the government up in the potato slices in the state is still about 20 minutes. Rinse face with warm water.

– Use egg yolk with a spoon chicken reviews are yogurt and a spoon of honey with little potato flour. A mixture onto the skin surface about 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times per week, then wash face with warm water.

Tanned skin

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– Cucumbers rich in vitamin E so good for tanned skin . Choose fresh cucumbers, sliced thin, covered in 20 minutes to effect bleaching black opaque stain.

– Choose fresh carrots, grind into fine powder, add a few drops of vegetable oil, mix well. Use this mixture to the surface covering about 20 minutes to 2 times per week, work year to obscure the trail.

Wrinkled skin

– Face from fresh grapes work very well prevent wrinkles. Use 5 to 6 fresh grapes, washed, crushed and covered up in about 15 minutes per week 2 to 3 times implemented. Besides preventing wrinkles, face mask with fresh grapes also work to the smooth and radiant skin.

– Using vegetable cabbage, washed, so drained, crushed, get upset about covering up in 15 minutes per week to 2 times, work effectively blurring wrinkles.

Hope the information will help you have good skin.