Get a Fashionable Look with the Clutch


There are so many beautiful and gorgeous purses and handbags available in the market that it is extremely difficult to determine which style would suit your outfit or the occasion. Various types of evening bags like hobo bags, messenger bags and Totes are available but though these are practical but give a very casual look because these have been primarily designed for keeping items needed for everyday use such as day planners and wallet. Other baguettes and satchels look feminine and refined and are suitable for weekend, career and everyday needs but most of these appear unnecessary at night.

Any woman requiring small and sleek bag for special occasion should opt for a clutch and use Nykaa coupons for buying one. Clutches are not meant for evening use only. You can use rugged leather and casual fabrics for making tailored bags that are streamlined in look. This is the simplest solution for women wanting to carry an unobtrusive and small purse. Right clutch is affordable once you know about the development of clutch purse, design and know the tips for selecting suitable clutch.

Get a Fashionable Look with the Clutch handbag

Basics of clutch

Clutch is a small purse which is carried hung from hand at top, held tightly with hand below and balanced on forearm. Mostly clutches are without handles or straps. Few clutch purses have detachable chain or skinny strap which is an extra feature. It is easier to carry bag to dance floor rather than leaving it unattended, with wrist or shoulder strap. Clutches are simplest, oldest and timeless classic and can be bought cheaper using Jabong discount coupons. 

How to select and wear a clutch

These clutch purses look nice with dresses and formal gowns, dress suits and night and evening club wear. Depending on the material used, it will suit with jeans and t-shirts. You must keep certain facts under consideration at the time of purchasing and also carrying clutches to ensure that this enhances your outfit. 

  1. Proper Selection of Materials

Table mentioned below breaks down the clutches to daytime and evening versions depending on material utilized. These happen to be only the guidelines. 

  1. Where to purchase a Clutch

These can be had from outlets, bargain stores, boutiques, designer fashion houses or purchase online at reasonable cost. 

  1. Don’t go color matching

It is a wrong belief that bag must match your shoes, hat, belt or gloves. Study of the fashion magazine, movies and television reveal that mixed accessories always have an eye catching affect. 

  1. Classic Vs Trendy

Women wanting to restrict themselves to budget might think of clutch of neutral color such as metallic, black or champagne. She would then be able to use same bag with many outfits for years. As these clutches are not used much, they do not wear out. Women having active night life or those who attend formal functions regularly should go for trendy color and current style.

An overstuffed or bulging purse looks unattractive and indicates that bigger bag should have been purchased. Only essential items like keys, credit cards, cell phone, lipstick and some cash should be kept in the bag.


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