How to get hair color as stars in summer


Platinum hair color, ombre dyeing techniques or Balayage hair coloring trend is that the popular Hollywood stars.

Blonde hair color

Platinum hair color has been well received for several years. But this summer, the stars have chosen shades lighter and cooler than platinum blond hair of last year. The biggest advantage of doing hair color is platinum religious complexion while making faces aglow. Star Dakota Fanning has shared that “platinum hair is very interesting because you can experiment with the shades and tones such as white ribbons, sparkling silver, pastel green … with Diversity platinum hair is endless. “

Hair1 Dakota Fanning Cast talented modern, more fashionable with platinum hair


Taylor Schillin have a hairline staining in harmony, naturally.

Staining technique Balayage

Balayage is a technique that has been dyed in France in the 1970s. This is a free coloring techniques, allowing workers comfortable creative hair colors, create textures with hair dye. Balayage bring the stars a gentle beauty, serene and still more impressive the conventional staining.

Dye Balayage will not have clear boundaries between layers divide hair. So, not to worry when the new hair grows out, not dyed back often as the other common type of dye. This is the style of Olivia Palermo, Katharine McPhee, or Jenifer Lopez loves.


Actress, model Olivia Palermo Italian American pancakes harmonize with the natural makeup style hair Balayage golden brown.


Singer Jennifer Lopez fiery remained loyal familiar with long hair, however, she used Balayage style alternating between dyed brown and silver to create a dramatic new hair.

Metallic Hair Dye

This type of dye from metallic minerals such as lead, silver, copper, capable of outer hair. Yellow and pink is the same color of the highlights this year. Hair Color metallic make white skin of stars becomes prominent and more energetic.


Jessica Chastain, Best Actress in 2012 for her role in “The Tree of Life”, “The Help” … Her skin was pink and white crown radiant hair thanks bronze.


Famous actors in the movie series “Shake It Up” Bella Thorne of Disney youthful looks, featuring metallic gold hair was naturally dropped.

Ombre Hair Color

Ombre trend has become popular since 2009, but until now, there are many more new variations.

Ombre trend two or more dyed colors faded towards the same tone or vice versa. The color changes create the uniqueness and individuality for each person. With a choice of different colors, hair will be different and unique. There are two ways of dye will fade gradually or bold but common, often ombre dyed to light at the stern, dark leg hair. This summer’s ombre trend gradually higher contrast with the marked differences in color, giving the punk rock star style full of personality.


Kylie Jenner choose the tail hair green as opposed to black leg hair to look down the way, more impressive.


ÚA X-Factor judges Demi Lovato 2013 with brown-yellow ombre hair style pop rock.

Brown monochrome

This is a technique that uses different shades of dark colors, neutral colors and light brown at the same time. Hair color brings a classic, luxurious and romantic for the stars. It is suitable for all skin brown skin like actress Zoe Saldana, Lea Michele tanned skin and brightens skin of Emmy Rossum.

hair9 Cast in the popular movie “Avatar” Zoe Saldana sweet and seductive with chocolate brown hair.


Lea Michele, singer-actor musical “Glee” to select the smoky brown hair soft, feminine suits your skin


Young actress Emmy Rossum uses glossy black-brown tones for classic glances, tender


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