Just because your feet aren’t on show, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cared for. Pamper yourself with a regular polish and pedicure throughout the winter months.

Autumn’s here and it’s time to wrap up your feet and slip them into something a bit warmer. But although you’re exchanging flip flops for Ugg boots, it’s important that you don’t neglect your feet over the long winter months. Keep up with regular pedicures if you can – not only will your feet feel great, but by looking after them, you’ll also improve your health. Here are some top reasons to give your feet an end of summer treat.

Give Your Feet An End Of Summer Treat  Benefits Of Getting Regular Pedicures In Colder WeatherExperiment With Autumn Nail Colours

Say goodbye to the cute pastels and vibrant tones associated with summer fashion. When the leaves start to change colour, it’s time to switch your clothing along with your nail polish and make-up to match. According to Marie Claire, shades such as aubergine, charcoal and gothic blues are all this season’sfavourites as well as smoky reds and even distressed denim. There’s no need to stick to one shade, try a new pick every time you get apedicure.

Keep Your Nails Trimmed

The pressure of squeezing into closed-toe winter boots after many months in sandals can have an impact on your toenails. It’s essential that you trim them regularly and keep note of the direction that you cut towards. Try and trim in a straight line across the edge of the toe to help prevent painful in-growing toenails.

Avoid Cracked Heels

Avoid Cracked HeelsIt’s easy to constantly live in long, fluffy socks over winter and barely see your feet unless you’re in the shower. But by neglecting to look at your feet, you could be missing key signs of a fungal infection or cracked heels. Winter temperatures, coupled with central heating can easily dry out your skin causing the heel area to become cracked. If left untreated, this condition can become quite unpleasant, leading to painful, bleeding feet and even the chance of infection. Regular pedicures ensure that your feet are exfoliated frequently, which removes dead skin and improves circulation in the foot and lower leg. Your muscles and joint performance will be enhanced and the chance of developing calluses and corns is significantly reduced.

Indulge Yourself

By having your feet treated regularly with a pedicure, you’ll have a positive spring in your step no matter what season it is. When you know that your feet look good, you’ll feel great about your general appearance which can do wonders for self-esteem. There are a variety of treatments available for your feet. Some are as simple as a trim and polish, with the option of adding a gel set of nails to ensure that your nails remain chip-free for weeks. Other treatments really indulge you by adding foot masks, or warming mitts which feel truly divine as they’re applied.

If you have the slightest worry that such luxury isn’t good for the environment, then you’ll be pleased to hear that pedicures in Essex are some of the greenest in the industry. By visiting a salon that uses eco-friendly washing practices to clean their towels, recycled carpets on the stairs and LED light bulbs throughout, you can simply lie back, relax and enjoy a guilt-free pedicure experience.