Good Tips Use Essential Oils


With many strong points, attar is considered a good remedy, relieving stress and helping special also be used to beautify the skin and hair. Attar derived from plants flowers, and each has its own features, specific characteristics …

Essential oils and beauty function

Currently, the beauty products from attar sold quite widely in the market, is there a cosmetic company secret for each line of their products. These attars are most commonly used today, including lavender essential oil – this product usually used to treat dry skin, covering burn wounds, and nourish the hair split.

Geranium essential oil and work style hair care and treatment for the skin, it helps clean the skin while reducing dry scalp and reduce dandruff. Lemon essential oil often users feel relaxed, care moisture for dry skin, especially for body odor reducing agent. Special rose attar, this is a good product for the development of the hair, reducing hair fiber and remove the bucket, the hair smooth and healthy.

Relax with essential oils

Not only capable of beauty, essential oil also has health benefits. You can use the essential oil to exhale, it’s good for the respiratory tract. Here’s how:

For 8-10 drops of essential oil and 1 / 4 liters of hot water, to steam up in the air about 10 minutes, you’ll find relaxed and comfortable. If to bathe you in the bath of warm water for about 30 drops of essential oil and then dip in water from 10-15 minutes. If you use massage attar to follow the following, mix 1-2 drops of essential oil in massage oil and then remove the whole body light up.

Note the use

Absolutely not clear, pure essential oils to the skin by high-risk injury because they quite concentrated. If need be mixed with other neutral essential oils. In the course of use, not for essential oil falling into the eyes, nose. Use attar frequency every 2 weeks. Do not place essential oils in high temperature, avoid evaporation and reduced efficiency in use. Pregnant women and children should not use essential oils.

Before using a new essential oil product, you should check before you can see with the product or not. You can try by giving a little essential oil diluted in folds at the elbow and wait 24 hours in view skin that is red or swollen. If he has swollen red skin, you should not use that product, because it is not with your skin.



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