Who doesn’t want to have gorgeous curly hair?

People who are born with natural curls sometimes wish they have straight hair so they can do away with the trouble of managing their curly locks. Straight haired girls, on the other hand, want curly hair and yes, it’s quite a frenzy. The thing is, the problem doesn’t lie in which type of hair you’re born with, it’s about how you take care of it and bring out its natural beauty.

So, why don’t you try to make the best out of your naturally curly hair?

Hair is every woman’s crowning glory. Changing your natural hairstyle will only do more damage to your curls. Practicing healthy hair habits will give your hair those plump beautiful curls you’ve always wanted.

Here are five secrets to naturally gorgeous curly hair every day.

So, why don’t you try to make the best out of your naturally curly hair?
Secret # 1 – Moisturize

Relax, you are not doomed to have a hair full of frizz. Give your curls a chance by locking in moisture. Humid air can cause damage to your curly hair, so start by slathering your curls with rich conditioner from roots to tips. The curlier your hair, the slower it takes for natural oils to reach the tips from your scalp.

To keep frizz at bay involves keeping your hair moisturized. Consider applying natural oils and styling products for they protect your hair cuticle from moisture loss.

It’s also best not to shampoo all the time. Traditional shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate which is too damaging to most curly hair. If you can find a sulfate-free shampoo the better. And if possible, shampoo your hair no more than twice a week.

Secret # 2 – Air-dry your hair

After washing your hair, it’s best to leave it alone. Manhandling your curls will result to more ruffling on your cuticle which will cause frizz. The key is to lessen friction:

  • Whenever you finish your shower, don’t rub your damp hair with a towel. Instead, dab it with a microfiber cloth after applying your moisturizing product.
  • Also avoid sweaters, coarse winter scarves, and coats as they contribute to fuzz.

The bottom line is to find the perfect product combination for your type of curl that doesn’t involve using a diffuser or curling iron. Seek advice from your trusted hair stylist; he or she knows the best products that won’t damage your natural curls.

Comb your hair from the bottom to the top

Secret # 3 – Comb your hair from the bottom to the top

A wide-tooth comb is your new best friend. Never use a brush to detangle your curls since the bristles will disrupt your hair’s natural curl pattern and create frizz.

  • Why choose a wide-tooth comb?  Using a wide-tooth comb instead of a traditional comb has something to do with the nature of curly hair. Since locks grow in units, a wide-tooth comb encourages the formation of curls as a group while a traditional comb destroys these clumps of hair. A wide-tooth comb allows the clumping of individual strands into locks and respects the natural shape of curls
  • Start at the bottom going to the top. When you comb your hair, starting at the bottom will allow you to slowly untangle each knot. It will be less frustrating as you won’t have to yank your way all through from the top.

Secret # 4 – Get a trim through a dry cut

If you’ve noticed, curly wet hair and curly dry hair look completely different. When you visit a hair salon in town, see to it that you are getting a dry cut. A dry cut won’t give you any surprises. Compared to cutting your hair wet, curls will retract when dry so you’ll know exactly how each strand falls.

  • Hair stretches when wet which makes it look longer. And this is quite true for curly-haired individuals. Cutting the hair when it’s dry allows your hairstylist to trim the right length of curl. Moreover, right after the cut, your curl won’t bounce up more than expected, eliminating any shock that it may cause and preventing miscommunication between you and your stylist.
  • Prevent split ends by getting trims. Prolonging the life of your split ends won’t do any good to your curls. Most stylists will recommend curly-haired girls to get their hair trimmed every six to eight weeks since textured hair gets frayed easily.

Secret # 5 – Consult an expert

There are various unique methods for working with curly hair so it’s easy to get confused which will work best for your locks. Unless you want your hair to get damaged by testing different products, it’s best to consult a hair expert.

Do some research and choose from amongst the best hair salons that actually have a “specialist” for curly hair. They should offer natural curly hair services that will make you stop fighting your curly locks by straightening them and, instead, make you celebrate your curls.

Before you head out to the salon, style your hair as you normally would. You have to be honest and be clear with your stylist on the different chemical treatments you’ve had done and products you’ve applied to your hair. To make sure you go out that salon with your desired look, save some photos of your different curly hair inspirations so that it would be easier for the hairstylist to understand you.

Love and embrace your curlsLove and embrace your curls

Stop spending hours on straightening your curls. Instead, embrace the natural curls that you have. Learning to appreciate what you have will not only save you a lot of time but also make your hair healthier.

Why do girls with gorgeous hair love to show it off? That’s because they enjoy their natural hair. Not being afraid of letting those locks hang out is the vital thing you need in order to get that splendid hair you’ve been born with.

Understand that your curly hair is beautiful. Do you really want to look similar to straight-haired girls? That would be boring and you’ll lose the uniqueness of your natural hair. Don’t pay attention to propaganda that only promotes straight hair. Accept your hair as it is, and be proud of it because it’s one of a kind.

When you become confident with your hair and in yourself, your individuality will surely shine.