Help hair grow faster

Are you bored of your short hair and long hair quickly want to change your style. But this does not have a method which could certainly help the hair grow faster. For a long hair you need time and attention. Here are the tips are very useful for that!

On average your hair will grow out of about 12-14 cm per year. You can act to correct his hair long or slightly faster than the speed of the set.

Let your hair rest

If your hair is shoulder length periods, which means it was about 2 years old. During that time, suffered much hair from environmental impacts such as sunlight, fog, wind, dust … and the chemicals in shampoo, conditioner, pressure medicines, dyes … On the other hand, when the hair has grown out scalp, the hair does not have the capacity to grow further. Therefore it is considered as the protein “dead.”

With the effects on your hair is always in a state of “fatigue.” Whether you care for your hair to where it still has to undergo “aging” and this will certainly affect the hair growth cycle.

Advice to you is let your hair rest for the time you want to grow out his hair. Do not wash, brush, or dying, bending too much.

Food, vitamins and minerals that help hair grow faster

To help hair growth and health, nutritional doctors recommend that we should eat foods rich in vitamins B, C, E, A, K. The vitamin is available in the following foods:

– Vitamin B: green vegetables, beans, sunflower seeds …

– Vitamin C: oranges, lemons, tangerines, melons …

– Vitamin E: avocados, beans, vegetables and beans, cereals …

– Vitamin A: carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, squash, broccoli, cantaloupe, apricots …

– Vitamin K: a lot of seafood, avocado, fig fruit, broccoli, wheat, cabbage, lettuce, egg yolks …

Please add more fish, eggs, beans, yogurt and soy, especially on your menu. Also, you should drink at least one cup of soy milk per day.

If you use drugs, the recommended dose per day depending on your body. You should consult their physicians before supplementing vitamins and minerals to make sure it does not affect you.


Excessive stress causes hair loss and slow growth. So, try to minimize stress and excessive tension. Relax or find an effective treatment. Sleep is also to help release stress and help hair growth (6 – 8 hours per day is reasonable).


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