Acne scar formed by the cuticle is damaged. At this point, the excess collagen formation, arranged indiscriminately on the skin, resulting in scar appearance.

Homemade scar remove with onionOften not easy to cure acne scars and skin existed for several years, thus affecting the beauty of so many women.

According to recent studies, the use of onion will work very well in the treatment of acne scars. Extracted from onions will bind to the excess collagen, and can therefore arrange them into a more orderly manner. This will help minimize the scarring on the face. In addition, onions are also proven to help reduce inflammation and reduce bruising caused by acne. So be very beneficial for those who just finished treatment of acne.

For concave scar, onions also stimulate collagen to plump skin defects. The resulting work is great for smooth skin.

There are so many creams on the market extracts help reduce the risk of causing acne scars. But to be safe, you can yourself homemade natural products to help skin care acne scars.


An onion chopped, soaked in olive oil bottle about 3 weeks. Then filter the dreg, you’ve got oil products are very safe .


Mix olive oil and onions 30g, 30g rose oil, beeswax 30g. Heat mixture in microwave until melted wax. Remove from heat and mix in 2 teaspoons of aloe gel, eventually mixed with 4 capsules of vitamin E. Stir well and leave in a wide mouth jars for using longtime.


Use absorbent cotton solution to dab on your face once a day regularly will help reduce skin acne scars. If olive moisture increases the onions will be flat scar. Aloe Vera Gel also been shown to have effects on speed wound healing.

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